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Be Kind & Do Good
A message from the President & CEO 
Hello Alameda,

Recent events around the country reinforce what we know: conflict is hard, and we must do better.

In these troubled and divided times there is hope around us that we can and will do better. The time is now to get to work and build a future together that works for each and every one of us. Easy to say, and hard to do. It will take leadership at every level – national, state, local, community – to move forward in an inclusive and productive way.

How exactly do we do that? I’m no expert but I believe we can accomplish great things if we start by being kind and doing good.
A basic tenant of leadership is kindness, and kindness has never been weak. Kindness is about showing empathy, acceptance and tolerance. Kindness shown during conflict leads to a de-escalation of tensions and a more satisfactory outcome for all parties. Empathy and understanding of different opinions and viewpoints can move us forward in meaningful ways, and it provides the solid foundation that any community needs to be inclusive and create equity of opportunity.

If everyone was nice, all the time, the world would be a much better place to live. Consistency is more important than intensity. Kindness is not all that hard. Most young children have it figured out which gives me hope that the rest of us can do the same.

Doing good however, is a slightly different proposition. Everyone can achieve the same level of being nice, because it’s about what you do. However, the truth is; not everyone can do the same amount of good.

Doing good is about helping others. Doing good is less about what you do and more about the outcomes of those you help. Time and time again, I have observed that those who are kind and those who do good share a number of traits that we can all learn from and adapt into our individual and organization routines.
How we treat each other determines the kind of community we live in, which determines the kind of country we live, which determines the kind of world we live in. Being kind and doing good are among the most powerful tools we have. We need to use them. 

Please be safe.

In Solidarity,
Madlen Saddik
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