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April 24, 2017  --    "Be Not Afraid"
        "Afraid - not what you think"
As we get older the word "afraid" takes on different meanings. When we were young it meant "scared." Now it comes to mean anxiety, worry and apprehension. Afraid will even come to mean reluctance as life introduces new challenges. 
            "From Afraid to Worry"
As we get older, scared of the monsters under the bed turns into worrying about our future, our kids, our grandchildren and what will we do after retirement. Worry becomes anxiety, when you don't know if your family  members are safe as when they are with you, as they now have lives of their own. Worry becomes anxiety about retirement and what do we do after leaving the family business we developed, or the job we may have devoted a lifetime to.
           "From Worry to Reluctance"   
Worry becomes reluctance when we keep from taking risk, even after due diligence;reluctance due to our apprehension concerning unknown consequences. When this takes place, especially in the mindset of family business owners, the future becomes stagnate. Succession is delayed or goes unaddressed. New business strategies are left on hold and the company is just gliding along. A bad spot for any family business to be in.

Gliding along is a bad spot for anyone to be in. Be not afraid. Live life. Plan for the future. Without plans we take on the definition of afraid we had when we were children. We become scared of the unseen monsters, only now that monster is the future.   
Kwaiserism "Reluctance does the heart no good at all!"