Tips on safe use, storage & disposal of meds for better health - 05.2021

Get Relief Responsibly® offers information about the safe use of OTC medicines. Visit to learn how to safely choose, use, store and dispose of OTC medicines.

The Alliance for Aging Research has educational films on safely choosing, using, storing, and disposing of over-the-counter medications. Watch and share them.
Did you know that acetaminophen is in more than 600 over-the-counter and prescription medicines? It’s important to always read and follow your medicine labels and only take one medicine with acetaminophen at a time. Learn more at

AudibleRx provides Consumer Medication Information through an easy-to-access, web-based platform. Listen to a session for an improved understanding of your meds.

BeMedWise lists 10 tips for smart OTC medicine use and other information you'll want to know, share and incorporate into your life.