Will you be our Valentine?
It's only February and we've already seen our state legislature propose abortion bans. Two  proposed bills draw upon medically unsound and unconstitutional arguments for banning abortion in Florida. This is proving, yet again, that our work is more essential than ever. Tampa Bay Access Force, our political arm, has been busy pushing back against this unconstitutional attack on Floridians' abortion rights. If codified into law, these bills would affect low income and marginalized people seeking help to access abortion across the Southeast. We need your help to keep serving our community and to ensure abortion remains accessible in our state.

Valentine, you can have an instrumental hand in helping someone access abortion care. One way to help is to get involved with this year's Fund-A-Thon! On Saturday, February 20th from 4-6 pm we will host a virtual kick-off party that will tell you all about this amazing (and super fun!) fundraising opportunity and will include a round of trivia (winning team gets a prize!). Register for the kick-off party by clicking here.

We are also encouraging everyone to contact their legislators TODAY to insist they vote the ban down.
Updates on Our Work

In the first two months of 2021 our call volume has increased by over 20% from  last year. In January 2021 alone, we fielded 51 calls, and so far in February we've received 32 (as of 2/11).

These statistics demonstrate the high demand for support accessing abortion care. 2021 brought us a new Presidential administration that is more supportive of abortion access. Nonetheless, the state-level attacks have only yet begun, and the need for support is only increasing.

The time to get involved is now. Donate, fundraise, become a sustaining donor, or volunteer today!

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