March 2020
Storing water for emergencies
In the event of an emergency, you may need to be self-reliant for days without electricity, water service, access to a supermarket or local services, or perhaps even without response from police, fire, or EMS. Most of us can survive without electricity; however, we must have safe drinking water to live. Louisville Water offers the following guidelines for safe water storage.
Fairdale High School students get hands-on career experience
Fairdale High School students shadowed Louisville Water crews as part of the Heavy Equipment Science Program. Students watched as employees repaired an old water main and flushed hydrants. The company donates safety gear to the program, including hard hats, vests, and safety glasses. Louisville Water also donates pipes so the students can practice their own real-world excavations.
Learn about the 1890 Tornado at the tower on Sunday, March 8

In March 1890, Kentucky’s deadliest tornado raced through downtown Louisville and struck down the Louisville Water Tower. Learn about the path of the F4 cyclone as it traveled 6 ½ miles in only five minutes. Experience the grandeur of the rebuilt water tower in person and discover how Louisville survived six days without water. Learn more on Sunday, March 8 at the WaterWorks Museum from noon to 5 p.m. Presentation by Nathaniel DeSpain at 2:30 p.m. & 3:30 p.m. DeSpain is a GIS technician who has studied both the 1890 and 1974 tornadoes. Admission proceeds from Sunday’s museum day will be donated to relief efforts related to the destruction created by tornado in and around Nashville earlier this week.
Lexington Road closure
Louisville Water appreciates customers' patience with the closure of Lexington Road between Stliz Avenue and Grinstead Drive. This is the last phase of the multi-year Eastern Parkway Project. Stay up to date on the project, the progress, and what we are doing underground that will ensure that water keeps flowing for another 100 years.
Where is this?
You could win a prize if you know!

This model of our iconic Louisville Water Tower has been on display for years . Do you know where this model is? HINT: It's not at Louisville Water Tower Park -- that is where the real water tower is! The first five people to answer correctly will receive a pure tap prize pack. Good luck!
Congratulations to the winners of the February contest: Brenda Andriot, Jamie Korfhages, Myron Coldiron, P. Eichenberger, and Paul Miles. February's picture (see below) was taken at last year's Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon/miniMarathon race. Louisville Water supports all 15 water stops for the race, and hosts one in front of our corporate offices on 3rd Street. And at this year's race on April 25, we will yet again proudly serve our Louisville pure tap ® !
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