Vallecitos Mountain Ranch NewsletterJanuary 2015
Full Scholarships Available to New Mexico Women of Color Activist
Thanks to a generous grant provided by
Santa Fe Community Foundation's Just Woke Up Fund, Vallecitos Mountain Ranch is thrilled to offer full retreat scholarships, including travel stipends, to New Mexico women of color activists. 

For more information, or to apply for a scholarship, please email Sarah Wolters, Vallecitos Operations Manager, at 



Be Present! Mindfulness is Now Mainstream


By Grove Burnett, Vallecitos Founder and Guiding Teacher 


People say that what we're all seeking is a meaning for life. I don't think that's what we're really seeking. I think that what we're seeking is an experience of being alive."

~ Joseph Campbell - The Power of Myth


Vallecitos Mountain Ranch is dedicated as a refuge where people can systematically learn and develop the ancient practice of mindfulness through training and guidance in a spectacular natural setting.


In the last decade, and especially the last year, mindfulness has exploded onto the American landscape. Once regarded as a strange and exotic activity reserved for saints and holy people, mindfulness practice is now central to the lives of people of all ages and backgrounds. Recent surveys show that more than 25 million Americans engage in some kind of mindfulness practice.


The reason for this rapidly increasing popularity and application is simple: MINDFULNESS WORKS!  Mindfulness develops core competencies and life skills that can be systematically and pragmatically applied in our personal lives and professional work. Research proves that we can successfully train our minds and actually change the structure and function of the brain!


Mindfulness has recently been the subject of extraordinary coverage by the mainstream media. If you haven't already, check out the January 2012 cover story for Newsweek, "Mindulness Meditation is Rediscovered." 


Last month, Anderson Cooper did a major story on 60 Minutes about mindfulness and the retreat he attended with Jon Kabet-Zinn. 

60 Minutes - Mindfulness featuring Anderson Cooper and Jon Kabat-Zinn

Especially compelling is Anderson's personal testimony in which he reports that practicing mindfulness has changed his life: "Sitting in that meditation retreat, I realized this is exactly what I need." You can see more of Anderson's personal reflections and initial skepticism by watching his interview on 60 Minutes Overtime



  • It is not a religion or exotic cult.
  • There is no dogma, creed or guru.
  • It's not reserved for saints and holy people.
  • There are no secret teachings.
  • It's not a new age, touchy-feely, self-help strategy.
  • It's not about going into a trance.
  • It's not trying to black out your mind, block out your thoughts, cork your feelings and become unconscious.
  • It's not about running away from reality and escaping the world. 
  • It doesn't require special diets, supplements or drugs.
  • It does not take a lot time.
  • It is not complicated.

WHAT IS MINDFULNESS? Researchers define mindfulness as "the non-judgmental attention to and awareness of one's physical, mental and emotional experiences in the present moment."

  • Mindfulness is a mental training.
  • It is the human capacity to be aware--open, quiet and relaxed, right here, right now, at any time.
  • It is the ability to be fully present with whatever the here and now is presenting to us, whether pleasant or unpleasant.
  • It is paying attention to your body and your mind.
  • It is fewer distractions, less drama, and fewer entanglements.
  • It can be practiced by anyone of any background, no matter what your affiliation or faith.
  • It is easy to learn and easy to do.
  • It's portable and costs nothing.
  • It's perfectly legal.

Vallecitos Mountain Ranch is offering a multitude of secular mindfulness trainings and Buddhist mindfulness meditation retreats in 2015. We invite you to visit our website or see our 2015 retreat schedule below.


3/14 - 3/15Crossing Life's Floods: Aging and Life Beyond Sixty A Meditation Retreat for Boomers (Age 55+) in Santa Fe

Anna Douglas & Grove Burnett
5/24 - 5/30A Retreat for Media MakersDyanna Taylor & Don Usner
6/1 - 6/7Going to the Woods Insight Meditation RetreatMary Powell & Peter Williams
6/16 - 6/21
Courage on the Journey of AwakeningSteven Smith & Grove Burnett
6/24 - 6/28Insight Meditation Retreat Phillip Moffitt & Erin Treat
7/1 - 7/8Awake in the Wild, Meditation in Nature RetreatMark Coleman
7/8 - 7/14Aging as an OpportunityAnna Douglas & Grove Burnett
7/14 - 7/18The Heart of MindfulnessGrove Burnett & Erin Treat
7/18 - 7/23Mindfulness in Education Residential Retreat with Heart-Mind Education Program
Kate Janke & Erin Treat
7/23 - 7/30Insight Meditation RetreatTrudy Goodman, Wes Nisker, & Grove Burnett
7/30 - 8/8Affectionate Awareness as a Path to LiberationMichele McDonald & Jesse Vega-Fry
8/8 - 8/15Four Foundations of Mindfulness: An Intensive Mindfulness Retreat for Mental Health ProfessionalsBill Morgan, Psy.D., Susan Morgan, MSN, & Ron Seigel, Psy.D.
8/15 - 8/20Sacred Sound, Insight & Silence: Meditation & Music in the Deep WoodsJennifer Berezan & Grove Burnett
8/20 - 8/25Rest, Rejuvenation and Relaxation Through Ancient Healing ArtsDiana Fried & Anne Dellenbaugh
8/25 - 8/30Mindful Communication: A Wise Speech RetreatDonald Rothberg, Ph.D. & Ore Sofer
9/3 - 9/7Turning to Deeper Soils: Yoga, Meditation, Hiking & HeartShawn Parell
9/18 - 9/22Love & Wisdom RetreatMary Powell & Peter Williams
9/23 - 9/27Applied Mindfulness & Advocacy Training for LawyersPeter Schoenburg & Grove Burnett
10/2 - 10/7The Heart of Mindfulness MeditationGrove Burnett & Erin Treat
10/14 - 10/18Applied Mindfulness Skills Training for Health WorkersJane McGrath, MD, Grove Burnett & Erin Treat
10/25 - 10/30Mindful Self-Compassion 5-Day Training RetreatKristy Arbon & Megan Leuchars

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