Worship and Faith Formation from Home
September 7, 2020
Dear Families,

Well, September of 2020 is here! It includes another chapter of life at home and social distancing. And yet prayer and praise, connection and community, growth and gathering are still happening at Saint Mark's in various ways, all across the city. God is still speaking to us, still tending to us, still drawing us into the community of Christ.

In this month's newsletter, you'll find ways for children of all ages to learn and build healthy connections with God and one another, as well as information and support for parents juggling a host of challenges and opportunities. You'll also see that we are creating a few options for in-person connections!

May this season of new beginnings bring new awareness of God's love for you, peace with the present, and hope for what is to be.
Pray by Podcast with Kelly and Rebekah!

A new podcast episode every week! Posted on Sundays on the Soundcloud page, and on our website.

Beginning October 4th, prayers will coincide with weekly family Bible study readings and Godly Play lessons (see below).
Children's Formation Resumes September 20

9 A.M. SUNDAY: Godly Play (pre-K—2nd grade) with Alicia:


10 A.M. SUNDAY: Practicing our Faith* (3rd-5th grade) with Kristen:

*This year, 3rd-5th graders will be studying Saints & Sacraments together.

As this unique school year begins, the youth of Saint Mark's will be invited to dig deep, goof off, wrestle with big questions, and learn to lean on each other—figuratively if not literally.

Join us for our first event of the season to learn what is coming up this year from service projects to Bible study to confirmation. How will we be together when we can't be together? Let's talk about it.
Youth Kickoff Meeting and
Great Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Extravaganza! 

WHO: All middle school and high school kids and parents (for some of the time) with Interim Youth Minister, Rebekah Gilmore and other adult leadership.

WHEN: Sunday, September 27, 7–8:30 p.m.

WHERE: Zoom, our friend...
Passcode: 529081

WHAT: We will all synchronize our cookie making (I AM a choir conductor, you know) and then let the parents finish the baking while the kids have their own thing and parents bring us our cookies. :) 

SUPPLIES: Please have on hand the ingredients & necessary utensils for baking already set out prior to the meeting, a mixer, and oven access with Zoom capabilities in the kitchen. Here is the recipe happening in the GilMorse kitchen that night.

Questions? Email Rebekah
The Choir School year will look very different this Fall with choristers gathering online for classes at least during the autumn. While choristers and directors ache to make music together, we will continue to follow state and diocesan guidelines about singing during this unique time in history.

This IS NOT the first time in history that choirs have been nearly silenced due to health concerns but it is the first time that we can continue to gather remotely to work on how we individually use our voices as well as continue to study music and liturgy together. Through the marvels of technology, we can listen and watch choirs from around the world sing together while learning to worship through their music offerings. We will be even stronger and better musicians when we return to leading liturgies with our own song. Questions? Email the Choir School at choirschool@saintmarks.org


Register your child here.

Junior Choristers
TUESDAY 9/15 4-4:30 P.M.

Senior Choristers
WEDNESDAY 9/16 4-4:45 P.M.

WEDNESDAY 9/16 7-8 P.M.
St. Francis Day Celebration, with Blessing of the Animals


Two opportunities:

2:30-3:30 p.m.: Drive-by blessings with people and pets in cars (Open to anyone without advance reservation).

4:30 p.m.: A brief, in-person liturgy on the lawn (limited to 100 people;
with pre-registration required).
The liturgy will be livestreamed.

Watch Sundays & Beyond for more details- registration begins on September 11.
Introducing: The Path

A Family Bible Study from Home


Our prayer podcast and Godly Play lessons
will connect to each week's at-home bible story readings. In this way, we will explore the story arc of the whole bible together!

Here's how it works:

  1. Request a copy of The Path from Kelly
  2. Receive the text, a reading guide and a set of story icons
  3. Get reminders each week about which story to read at home
  4. Read the story with your children, pray with us on the podcast, color the icon, and display it on a long wall
  5. Watch the biblical story unfold over the year!

For more information about this project, or for resources by age, contact Kelly.
Baptismal Bowl
Baptism this Fall

Saint Mark's will celebrate baptisms again
for the feast of All Saints
(the first weekend in November).
Details are still in development, but those attending in person will be required to pre-register per Governor's guidelines. The service will be livestreamed.

Reach out to Kelly if you are interested in Baptism.
Remember to keep an eye on our weekly Sundays & Beyond email, the Online Community page of the cathedral website, and the Facebook Group. Each week there are new offerings and ways to stay connected at Saint Mark's.