Worship and Faith Formation from Home
March 18, 2020
Ms. Gilmore and I (Kelly) have been brainstorming ways for us to continue to connect as a community and participate in weekly worship from home. Here is what we have to share with you this week:

It's Wednesday!
* SING: Sing our table grace and then share a picture of your dinner at home on our Facebook group —we will share our meals virtually today.
*MOVE: During children's chapel in March, Ms. Gilmore taught the children how their bodies express their emotions and their prayers. During the live stream on Sunday, be sure to use your bodies to pray along by standing, sitting, kneeling, and crossing yourselves.

*Listen: for the Kyrie Eleison on Sunday morning-and let us know on Facebook when you hear it! Most of the kids know what the words mean, and can sing along. More from Ms. Gilmore about this prayer next week.

*Watch this video of Psalm 23 in American Sign Language, and practice praying it with your hands. We will sign it together from home as the Psalm is chanted on Sunday.
*Write: There are many parishioners over 70 years of age who are isolated during the quarantine, and might appreciate a note! If your family is willing to write cards or letters of encouragement to parishioners, reach out to Kelly and receive a list.
Canon Kleinschmidt will be making a video introducing the hymns that we will sing together this coming Sunday. Keep an eye out for it! It will appear in the weekly Sundays & Beyond email , the Online Community page of the cathedral website, and the Facebook Group .
Hymn Text:

Lord of wisdom, Lord of truth, 
  Lord of justice, Lord of mercy;
Walk beside us down the years 
  till we see you in your glory.

Striving to attain the heights, 
  turning in a new direction,
Entering a lonely place, 
  welcoming a friend or stranger.

    I am here, I am with you. 
    I have called: do you hear me?
    I am here, I am with you.

Silver is of passing worth, 
  gold is not of constant value,
Jewels sparkle for a while; 
  what you long for is not lasting.

     I am here, I am with you. 
    I have called: do you hear me?
    I am here, I am with you.

Rulers govern under me 
  with my insight and my wisdom.
Those who know me know my love, 
  those who seek me find their answer.

   I am here, I am with you. 
    I have called: do you hear me?
    I am here, I am with you.

God the Father and the Son, 
  Holy Spirit coeternal.
Glory be ascribed to you, 
  now and to the end of ages.
  I am here, I am with you. 
    I have called: do you hear me?
    I am here, I am with you.
A Note from Ms. Gilmore:

This piece had been prepared by the Sr Choristers and Schola trebles for the now cancelled Choir Festival at the end of March. The text begins with us praying for God’s presence in our lives through the lonely places of life. “I have called. Do you hear me?” Then God speaks to us reminding us that God is seeking us out in all the dark places of life, calling us to trust in those promises that are everlasting rather than those earthly things that fade away. And God too says “I am here. I have called. Do you hear me?”  In this time of fear and isolation, let this song remind us that God is calling to us to ground us to that which is eternal and provide companionship through our fear and anxiety. 
We want to hear from you!

How are you maintaining your routines? What new things are you making time for these days? Where are you finding unexpected beauty? What is unexpectedly difficult? Send us emails, pictures, texts, Facebook messages, whatever you like about how you and your children are doing this week.

Other things we'd love to see:

Where do you see visible signs of God's grace? Snap a picture or share a note about it on the Facebook group, or send it to us by text or email.
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