Worship and Faith Formation from Home
April 1, 2020
It's Wednesday, and we've been thinking about you all week!

Can you tell how excited we are about home altars?! Earlier this week, Dean Steve, Rebekah, and Kelly showed you sacred tables in their homes . This week, Mother Cristi shares a little about her home altar. She also gives some context about why now, and how sacred spaces help form a foundation in our own homes for the work we do together during Holy Week.
Want to find out more about constructing your own home altar? Check out this article .

In addition, you might consider constructing your own " holy box " for Holy Week. Now we are not asking you to make a "Holy Box on the Hill" as Saint Mark's is known to some! Instead, this holy box is another tangible way for you to engage with your home altar as you participate in the work of Holy Week.

Many of the Godly Play stories remind us that God comes so close to us, and we come so close to God. How do you sense God's presence through the sacred tables you gather around? What surprises and delights you about that?

Be well,

The CFM team 
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