Worship and Faith Formation from Home
March 25, 2020
It's Wednesday, and we've been thinking about you all week!
Here is what we have to share with you:

Christmas Boutique - books
*READ : What are you reading at home these days? Dean Steve has invited all of us to read Sabbath as Resistance , by Walter Brueggemann. Here are two Sabbath books for children :

A Quiet Place , by Douglas Wood (read by Diana Pettis)
Blackout , by John Wood (narrated by Stanley Tucci)

*thanks to Canon for Faith Formation, Valerie Reinke for these book suggestions!
*MOVE: Here are some little moves for your fingers at home!
Illustrated Ministry offers a finger labyrinth for you to download and print. For added fun, trace the lines with elmer's school glue and let it dry, creating a bumpy border.
Praying with labyrinths help us remember that faith is a journey, and God is with us every step of the way.
*Listen: On Sunday, we will hear from the prophet Ezekiel about a dream he had, and about God bringing to life to things we thought were dead. Slaves in the United States put the story to melody as they worked, and in the 1920s, James Weldon Johnson published it in The Book of American Negro Spirituals , when it became known to a wider audience. You can listen to it

*Watch This video will be most interesting to elementary-aged and older kids (parents, too!). It sets the scene for our Lenten Gospel lessons in past weeks.
*PRAY: Some of our parishioners are working hard on the front lines at our local hospitals, and we are praying for them every day! If you would like a list of names to pray at home, reach out to Kelly . Or, if you're interested in other prayer practices with kids, this is a good resource.
Remember to keep an eye on our weekly Sundays & Beyond email , the Online Community page of the cathedral website, and the Facebook Group . We are planning great things for Holy Week and Easter at home!
A Message from Ms. Gilmore:

Listen to Ms. Gilmore explain why praying Kyrie Eleison has been part of our Christian liturgies for centuries, and why it's such a tender prayer for us today. Then, you can sing the prayer with her, and get ready to sing it in prayer on Sunday!

We want to hear from you!

How is this week different from last week? What is bringing you peace? What is unexpectedly difficult? Send us emails, pictures, texts, Facebook messages, whatever you like about how your family is doing this week.

Other things we'd love to see:

Where are you seeing old things become new again, or finding signs of new life? Snap a picture or share a note about it on the Facebook group, or send it to us by text or email. This week's scriptures are all about new life in unexpected places!
General Resources for Faith at Home

at 11a.m. on Sunday, and Facebook comments are serving as realtime chat

about our Community (and more coming soon!)

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watch The Ark and the Covenant, The Exodus, and The Exile and Return to get ready for Holy Week .