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May: Awareness Observations

Ehlers-Danlos  Syndrome
Cystic Fibrosis
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May 12: Fibromyalgia awareness, wear purple

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May 10, 2016
Be Proactive!
May 2016
Dear Members and Fellow Pain Warriors,
May is a month of continued action and awareness. We are so grateful for all the continued help and activism you have provided us thus far. Your willingness to take action only furthers our resolve, and pushes us to work harder as a foundation.

With our members behind us, we are continuing to work toward getting our voices heard at the local, state, and national level.

We are also continuing to expand our organization and our reach over the coming weeks, which we are excited to share with you all. Please remain proactive, you have been a great help to us thus far in 2016.
Thank you for helping us continue our mission to improve the lives of those living with pain by validating chronic medical conditions and educating others. You are all pain warriors, and the U.S. Pain Foundation is here to help. 
Wishing you all a low-pain and high-spirits day,
Paul Gileno
            Founder & President, U.S. Pain Foundation
World Autoimmune Arthritis Day "Race"

Ladies and gentlemen, Start your engines! U.S. Pain Foundation is participating in  a global, online nonprofit car race around the world of social media & internet! The event will spotlight educational resources & catapult global awareness for the autoimmune arthritis & related diseases. 
World Autoimmune Arthritis Day #WAAD16 begins on May 19th and WE are part of the 3-day, ONLINE event that will send you all over social media and the internet, learning and chatting about resources provided by nonprofit participants from all over the world, who all joined together to ensure YOU have the best tools to manage your disease. Different "tracks" will provide different education and tools about autoimmune arthritis conditions. "Detours" will provide you the opportunity for live chat sessions on the WWAD website. 
If you have not yet registered, you can do so for FREE.  Why register?  To earn U.S. Pain Foundation 25 virtual mileage points so we can WIN this race!  AND by registering YOU are automatically entered into a drawing for a $100 Amazon card. 
You can learn all about how to play and register at the headquarters
 website:   www.WorldAutoimmuneArthritisDay.org.  Also make sure to "Like" the official #WAAD16 page at @World Autoimmune Arthritis Day.  Let's have some fun, learn a lot, and start raising major awareness week!
The race will end on May 22nd at 12pm ET /USA when the checkered flag waves. Help the U.S. Pain Foundation win the race, and education as many individuals about autoimmune arthritis as possible!!

Patients For Medicare Access

As a member of Patients for Medicare Access and a warrior in our nation's fight against pain, you are no doubt aware of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid's (CMS) proposed rule for Medicare Part B and the threat it poses to those living with chronic pain. Such a rule could have devastating effects on the ability of patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers to access the essential medication chronic pain patients rely on. The U.S. Pain Foundation has taken an active role in ensuring that all patients have proper Medicare access.
We at Patients for Medicare Access share your concern about preserving access to vital pain relief medications, and we ask you to join with us as we urge Congress to oppose the CMS' proposed rule and protect your access. Your voice - the voice of all those dealing with chronic pain - is critical to convincing our lawmakers that CMS must do the right thing and ensure appropriate treatment is available to patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers.
While the 'comments' period has ended on the CMS website, we are still urging all of you to contact your state senators and governors, as well as local congressmen to show how important this rule is to you and your health. Take the time to write a short note about how this rule would effect you and your health. In the meantime, the U.S. Pain Foundation is continuing to fight for your health and your medications. To find your congressional member, search here.
The "Inc onvenient Truth" on Medicinal Marijuana Pros and Cons  

As an organization that recognizes there is no one-size-fits-all approach towards treating chronic pain, we have openly expressed our support for those legal patients who have sought out alternative therapy treatments, including medicinal marijuana. 
In an effort to continue discussions regarding the many questions that surround medical marijuana, Stu and Ellen Lenox Smith, U.S. Pain Foundation's Co-directors of Medical Marijuana, participated in Blog Talk Radio's "This is I.T. (Inconvenient Truth): Pros and Cons Medical Marijuana" this past week. If you missed the discussion, it is available here.
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