June 2020

"We are an organization of churches that is committed
to the mission of Christ to multiply disciple-making churches
through evangelism, leadership training, and connection with
other like-minded churches."
"I want to reiterate some elements from my message on June 1 st, The Gospel in a Broken World. The ongoing injustices, discrimination and prejudice we have experienced in the last month have led to catastrophic collateral damage that is destroying our relationships and our city. We are facing some incredibly challenging times and at times life seems hopeless at least to fix anything." Read More
Dr. Brad Little,
CB North Central Interim Regional Director
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Tuesday, June 23, at 9:00am CST
with an alternative repeat session
Wednesday, June 24, at 3:00pm CST

ENGAGE # 3  – Grace
Title:  The Indispensable Power of Grace
Text: 2 Peter 1:2-4 +
Theme:  Gospel centered churches are grace empowered but there is arguably no other truth more misunderstood than grace. If grace does not define the nature of our churches we will never be able to fulfill the mission of Christ.

​Catalyst: Dr. Brad Little – Interim Regional Director of CBNC and Pastor of Oak Grove Church, Golden Valley, MN
The Purpose of ENGAGE  is to address gospel and missional critical issues and challenge our thinking related to pastoral ministry, leadership and the purpose of our churches.
The Goal of ENGAGE  is to continue to become gospel-centered, grace driven, biblically anchored churches passionately committed to fulfill the mission of Christ. 

"What I would like to address is, how do we go about “evangelizing” a secular society that is hell bent on removing God or distorting Him? So how do we “share Jesus” in a society of pseudo Christians, radical atheists or religious Muslims?" Read More 

Pastor Eldon Carlson
CBNC Networking Director
An announcement regarding Karen Phinney was sent out last week on June 3rd. In case you missed it we have included it here. Please continue to pray for the Phinney family in the days ahead.
Karen Phinney
On May 26, 2020 Karen Phinney lost her long fought battle with cancer, but was triumphant entering the presence of Jesus. Karen was a sweet soul. She loved well, was loyal and kind. She was Dutch through and through and took pleasure in keeping an immaculate and beautiful home that she shared with family and friends. Karen was a strong woman and even though she faced many challenges she always looked to God for her strength. Heaven's gain is a heart felt loss for those who knew her.

Thank you for your support and prayers throughout Karen's battle with cancer. Please continue to keep the Phinney family in your prayers in the days ahead. A private interment will take place at Fort Snelling National Cemetery In Minneapolis, MN. Cards can be sent to Karen's family through
CB North Central, PO Box 490441, Blaine, MN 55449.

PLEASE send any communication to Pat Phinney separately to
Interim Director, Brad Little, Oak Grove Church, 5920 Golden Valley Rd,
Golden Valley, MN 55422-4414.
Escape to the quiet and beauty of Camp Lebanon! After weeks of home confinement and limited activities, enjoy a refreshing getaway alone or with your family or small group to the shores of spring-fed, fish-filled Cedar Lake.

A full slate of recreational options and fun activities await you on Camp’s 245-acre wooded campus that features over one mile of lakeshore. Now open as a summer resort, Camp’s staff is ready to help you and your family find renewal and connection that is safe, affordable and flexible. Choose from mid-week and weekend sessions or combine the two for a full week of relaxation.

Guests of all ages will find Camp Lebanon’s facilities to be clean and well-maintained. Housing options include two secluded log cottages, a hotel-like Cedar Bay Lodge, comfortable dorm housing, and more economical cabins. Camp’s RV sites are also open. Lodge and cabin options include food service.

Registration is now open. So, check your schedule and go to our website to REGISTER . For seventy-three years, Camp Lebanon has been a very special “Meeting Place with God” and home to “The Funnest Fun!” for youth, families, and adults. Hope to see you at Camp this summer!
Plaid Ponderings: Justice X XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXxX No. 10
"What in the world is going on? That is a question that has gone through my mind, in one way or another, many times over the last three or four months. What in the world is going on? First, we had the Corona Virus outbreak. Then we had massive shutdowns of our society and economy. Now, as if those things weren’t big enough, we have had two very public killings of black men by white men in a short period of time, resulting in massive national protests and at times, violent riots. I find it difficult to even glance at the news many days without a serious rise in blood pressure. In our last pondering, we looked at the idea of freedom. Now let’s look at the idea of justice." Read More

A Plaid Pastor
-by Pastor Josh Emmel, Faith Baptist Church, Kenmare, ND
Gerad Hall is a pastor in the Quad Cities area (Iowa cities Davenport & Bettendorf; Illinois cities Rock Island, Moline & East Moline) who is planning a new church plant. For more information click here . If you would like to contact Pastor Hall you can email him at .
Social Media - Be Slow To Speak xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx No. 11
"One of the most whimsical moments in life is jumping into a wave and riding it back to shore. Conversely, one of the scariest moments is when a wave pulls you away from shore. The unsettled feeling of waves collapsing upon you as you grasp for air. This is the beautiful yet tragic reality of living in a world made by a loving God that has been marred by sin."   Read More
Pastor Gerad Hall
Quad Cities Church Planter
CBAmerica Chaplaincy
" He Was There - Chaplain Response to NAS Pensacola Terrorist Attack"
"On Friday December 6, 2019, there was an attack on students at Naval Air Station Pensacola. At the time, the news reported over 11 hurt and several fatalities. The moment I heard of the events, I immediately reached out to local chaplain assets and offered myself to assist." Read More

-by Chaplain Nick Dewhurst, US Navy Reserve, Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida

Rev. Randy L. Brandt
Chaplain, Colonel, USA Ret.
Director of Chaplaincy, CBAmerica
Cell: 913-904-8746 (Mtn)

PLEASE PRAY for the Following Churches in Transition

Noelridge Park Church - Cedar Rapids, IA
First Baptist Church - Colfax, IA
First Baptist Church - Detroit Lakes, MN
Faith Fellowship Church - Cincinnati, OH
First Baptist Church - Shelby, OH
-by Karl Vaters,
-video provided by ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability)
-by Michael D. Warden,
CB N orth C entral Cluster Groups
Central Minnesota
Monday, June 15, 10am
Virtual Meeting
Steve Schoenwald, River of Life Church, Hastings, MN

Southern Minnesota
Monday, June 15, 9am
Virtual Meeting
Walt Moser, First Baptist Church, Luverne, MN

Northern Minnesota/North Dakota
Monday, June 15, 3pm
Virtual Meeting
Eldon Carlson, CBNC Networking Director

Tuesday, July 14, 11am
Meeting Place To Be Decided
Eldon Carlson, Bloomer, WI
Wade Duroe, Crossroads Church, Chippewa Falls, WI

Central Illinois
Tuesday, June 17, 9am
Virtual meeting
Eldon Carlson, CBNC Networking Director

Chicago Land
Tuesday, June 16, 9am
Virtual meeting
Eldon Carlson, CBNC Networking Director

Tuesday, July 21, 9am
Meeting Place To Be Decided
Jay Jentink, Calvary Baptist Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

Tuesday, June 16, 11:30am (EDT)
Virtual meeting
Eldon Carlson, CBNC Networking Director

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