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September 16, 2022

September Fest! Moving Toward Midterms

Come celebrate September Fest!

Join the fabulous and free fiesta happening this Sunday, September 18 from 3 to 6 p.m. at the Gutierrez-Hubbell House, 6029 Isleta SW. Stroll through the car show. Meet federal, statewide, and local candidates, and stop by the tabling area. Enjoy live music from some of Albuquerque’s most beloved and talented ensembles and players, including Baracutanga, Robbie Jude, Dave Nunez, and Levi Platero. There will be food trucks, free paletas, and a kids' area with face-painting, fun activities, and prizes. It's a fiesta for the whole family.

Months ago the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County began working toward the midterm election with our True Progress, Real Promise campaign, and now we're in the homestretch. September Fest is an exciting part of that campaign focused on creating community and increasing voter engagement. The Bernalillo County Clerk's office will be on hand to provide election information and register voters, with DPNM's Fuerzas Unidas Caucus offering Spanish-language voter registration. Attendees will have plenty of opportunity to hear about issues from community organizations tabling at the festival, and to learn how they can get involved.

More than 50 volunteers from five organizations teamed up to bring this special celebration to Bernalillo County's historic South Valley, which was recently redistricted into New Mexico's 2nd Congressional District (NM CD2). We're expecting to see a number of Democratic elected officials and candidates at the Fest—among them the rising star of our state party, Gabe Vasquez, the Democrat we want to send to D.C. next year, representing NM CD2.

September Fest is sure to be a remarkable event moving us toward an important election. Join in--and bring your friends and family along to celebrate.


Destination: Home

By Lance Chilton

Although both the denominator (the number of people experiencing homelessness) and the numerator (the number of sick people without homes) are difficult to estimate, it is the impression of most who work with that population that they suffer much more physical and behavioral health disease than those who are stably homed.

I spoke with Dr. Sara Doorley, currently an associate professor at UNM and previously medical director of Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless (AHCH), about her experiences, primarily with physical illness among those experiencing homelessness. Dr. Doorley, in her very kind way, objected to the artificial division between physical and behavioral health disorders; both or all three if you make another artificial division between substance use disorders and other behavioral health problems. And like my previous interviewee for these articles, Dr. Doorley pointed out the high level of stress that has led to bad outcomes like homelessness, substance abuse and other behavioral health disorders.

All of these problems – or this one unitary problem – are more common among those who live in our streets. Setting aside the behavioral health part, Dr. Doorley noted that people experiencing homelessness are often seen much farther into the course of their illnesses than those with stable housing. “It’s not uncommon,” she said, “to see people walk in (to a clinic like AHCH or where she works now, at UNM’s Southwest Mesa Clinic) with a blood sugar of 500 or with heart disease that has progressed to the point of heart attack.” Substance use has its own ill effects on health, especially, as Dr. Doorley says, when you consider use of alcohol and tobacco, which like opioids, are drugs that cause long-term problems. Injected drugs may also be associated with infections like Hepatitis B and C and AIDS.

People experiencing homelessness are exposed to the elements, experiencing frostbite and skin infections. Because they may lack protection from the weather, may be poorly nourished, and have no place to safely store the medications they have been given, immunity to infection is often compromised and the infections fester. READ MORE

Tell City Council: Think About Redistricting

Monday, Sept. 19, 2022 the Albuquerque City Council will consider new maps to govern city elections for the next decade.

Unfortunately, some people believe that the “status quo” maps presented at Council at the 5 p.m. meeting are consensus maps. Actually, the redisticting committee for the City – a group of 18 that included one voting member and one alternate member from each council district and that was required to reflect the racial, ethnic and gender makeup of the City's population—forwarded eight maps to the City for consideration, but they have not been fully discussed. Democratic City Councilors Pat Davis and Tammy Fiebelkorn have amendments to the maps, but those have not yet been discussed either.

The full committee report and discussion is available here: https://documents.cabq.gov/council/2022%20Redistricting%20Report.pdf

One map being moved as a “status quo” or consensus map reduces from four to three the number of Hispanic-favored city council districts. Given the fact that these maps may determine the outcome of competitive municipal races, especially on the West Side, for the next decade, that discussion is overdue. The West Side is growing and the City now has the opportunity to discuss and come to true consensus on how that growth should be represented in government affairs.

People who are able to press their councilor to wait and have a more robust discussion of the maps or--even better--to make public comment at Monday’s meeting, can find more information on how to weigh in at these links. The final council agenda comes out late this afternoon at : https://www.cabq.gov/council/events/city-council-meeting-1663014329.44 and will have links for the Sept. 19, 2022 meeting. To provide public comments to the Council, in person or virtually, everyone must sign up by 4:00 pm on the day of the meeting by completing a form available at the City Council website at www.cabq.gov.

Our Campaign

Know where we are,
See where we're going,
And vote your power in November.
Keep progress and promise in New Mexico: VOTE YOUR POWER.

We’ve seen what the radical right GOP is about: They want to limit who can vote, which books we read, what lessons teachers can teach, what private medical decisions can be made between doctors and patients—all while using bigotry and racism to keep their followers stirred up.

We DON’T want any of that happening in New Mexico. Now’s the time to put our power to work for Democratic candidates—by donating to campaigns, volunteering, helping Get Out the Vote, and, above all, marking our own ballot for Dems we want to see in office.
Join the movement HERE
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Join In. Help Out. Pull Together. Spread the Word. Be Happy the Day After Midterm.
If you have a skill to lend to our Democratic Party of Bernalillo County efforts, now is the time to let us know! We're working to expand the party's reach throughout the summer and into the midterm elections. We need everything from people making phone calls and checking prices for goods and services to people staffing information tables and passing out brochures. We need voter registration agents. We need social media expertise. We need writers. We need planners. We need you if you need democracy.

Rise up and take action HERE: volunteers@bernalillodems.org

Julie Brenning

House Districts: 44, 31, 28

Phone: (505) 944-5934

Email: julie.brenning@nmdemocrats.org

Rakin Faruk

House Districts: 20 (Precinct 303, 22

Phone: (505) 435-5544

Email: rakin@nmdemocrats.org

Quentin Jones

House Districts: 27, 30

Phone: (505) 803-3332

Email: quentin@nmdemocrats.org

Leslie Nesbit

House Districts: 16, 18, 10, 25

Phone: (505) 450-8533

Email: leslie@nmdemocrats.org

Samuel Nevarez

House Districts: 19, 20, 21

Phone: (505) 415-4650



Mycah Scott

House Districts: 24, 28

Phone: (505) 730-6307

Email: mycah@nmdemocrats.org

Walking with Joy 

Joy-Garratt-Volunteer-Schedule-2022 image

Doorknock with Joy and happiness! Doorknock with us! On Saturday, August 20, we will be kicking off our General Election Volunteer Dooorknock and we'd love to see you there. Join us at 9AM for burrittos and a campaign briefing and at 10AM for doorknocking.

10308 Marin Dr. NW

Albuquerque, NM 87114

Knock Doors on the West Side with NM Dems

1-3 image

Join the NM Dems as we hit the pavement and knock on doors for Gabe Vasquez and Democrats across the ticket on the West Side of Albuquerque. Talking to voters face to face is the best way to have an impact on this election.

Whether you’ve never been canvassing before, or if you’re an expert, you can join us to help our people-powered campaign.

We’ll send out the meeting location to all RVSPs prior to the event date and make sure everyone gets trained on how to talk to voters, how to record responses, and canvassing best practices. Then, we’ll hit the doors!

Volunteers will help NM Dems unite Democrats across New Mexico and build upon our historic success in 2020 to elect Democrats up and down the ticket this year in 2022!

RSVP today, and invite a friend to join you!

Keep up with Eric Olivas (for County Commission)!

Please contact Felecia at 505-377-8173 or email volsolivasforbernco@gmail.com to RSVP or for more information.

Urgent Call to Action for Dems on West Side

Get Out the Vote on the West Side

Walk for our Candidates on Sunday Afternoons

The West Side has 1 county commission, 6 NM legislature, and 2 Congressional races up for grabs in November. We have to get out the Democratic base, as well as independents targeted by the specific campaigns, to win. We have great candidates running on the West Side and they need our help. Our state and national Democratic values are at stake. Even if you don’t live on the West Side and want to volunteer, help out. Sign up below.

Here’s our West Side political landscape:

• Dems comprise 45% of West Side registered voters (114,473).

• GOP and independents – 30% each.


The West Side Dems (WSD) is committed to helping our candidates win. We have organized a "SUNDAYS FOR CANDIDATES Get out the Vote (GOTV) on Sunday afternoons” campaign from September 11 until the General Election. You can make a difference and have some fun with fellow Dems supporting West Side candidates. Here’s how it will happen:

• Say YES to the phonecall you’ll receive from a fellow Dem on the West Side – asking you to give ~3 hours for GOTV activities on any and all upcoming Sundays. If you can’t knock on doors, there are plenty of other ways you can help. Just tell the caller what you want to do to win in November, and when.


Sept. 18 Charlotte Little House 68

Sept. 25 Eleanor Chavez House 26

Oct. 2 Cynthia Borrego House 17

Oct. 9 Dates not yet confirmed by candidates:

Barbara Baca, County Comm. Dist. 1

John Allen, County Sheriff

Gabe Vasquez, Congr. Dist. 2 (very tight race)

Oct. 16

Oct. 23

Oct. 30

• We will be walking for specific West Side candidates on specific Sundays. Feel free to support YOUR candidate in YOUR district on their Sunday, as well as any Sunday you are available. Bring a friend for more fun. WSD will provide volunteers and snacks. Each candidate will manage that day’s walk. Meeting time will be 10:30 am at a location chosen by that day’s candidate. Walk lists and scripts will be provided before you head to your part of the district. Light snacks will be provided at start and end of walk. Here’s the schedule (so far).

• Plan to volunteer on Sundays yet to be claimed by a candidate. We need everyone to help turn out the Democratic vote in November.

• Moe Maestas and Patricia Caballero are running unopposed.

Together, we can do this.

In Solidarity,

Kenneth Scott, WSD Chair

For more information, email: suemwolinsky@gmail.com

West Side Dems Progress Update!

Canvass & Coffee with Cynthia Borrego

Canvass-K image

Campaign Kickoff w/Janelle Anyanonu!

Join us every Saturday and Sunday as we canvass HD19 for Janelle!

440 Jefferson St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

Sign up to volunteer here: https://bit.ly/vol4janelle4nm

Canvass with Eric Olivas and Rep. Herndon

Please contact Felicia at 505-377-8173 to RSVP.

Constitution Day Celebration

Ward 20-A Potluck Picnic - Sep 17

Meredith Dixon has confirmed to stop by!

Wards 20-A, 20-B, and 20-C are invited.

September 17th, 4pm - 6pm. Chelwood Park, one block south of Lomas at Nakomis

Laura Montoya For State Treasurer

Reception and Fundraiser honoring Laura M. Montoya, candidate for New Mexico State Treasurer. Hosted at the home of Donna Wylie and Donnie Leonard.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

823 W. La Entrada, Corrales, NM 87048


Donate here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/lauramontoya

Public Safety Survey

The New Mexico Legislature wants your input on public safety in Northeast Albuquerque. Please take our survey and share your priorities Please take our survey and share your priorities for our community. our community.

GSS-Sept-one-link1 image

This is a monthly speaker series on Zoom hosted by the Veterans & Military Families Caucus of the DPNM. Click here to join the Zoom meeting on September 21 at 5:00 pm.

Working Together as a County and City Fundraiser!

Join us in support of Barbara Baca for County Commission District 1!

1404 Mesilla Street NE Albuquerque, NM 87110

2022 Rising Star - October 1

Join us for the Democratic Party of New Mexico’s most important event of the year, our Rising Star 2022 fundraiser, where we honor up-and-coming Democratic leaders who are making waves and propelling the Democratic Party into the future. This year, we are honoring CD-2 Congressional candidate Gabe Vasquez, and the all-women Las Cruces City Council! 


The Rising Star is how we are able to fund our most important Democratic initiatives and support our candidates throughout the year. Reserve your ticket today for the 2022 Rising Star.

NM Child First Golf Event

Please contact Maralyn@nmchildfirst.org or 505.261.2715

A Zillion Ways You Can Help-It's the Perfect Time 

Everyone reading this newsletter has an opportunity to preserve democracy this fall. The Bernalillo County Democratic Party has only about a zillion ways to channel your caring heart and good energy toward that end.

Contact volunteers@bernalillodems.org to join with others who are determined to preserve choice, voting, the environment, opportunity and inclusion.

Volunteer Job Description: Tech Associate for The Blue Review

We need a new Tech Associate for the Blue Review. Could YOU be the one?

The Tech Associate needs to have access to a computer and be familiar with the program Constant Contact (or be willing and able to learn it.). On the day before publication of our twice-weekly Blue Review, the Tech Associate receives instructions re content from the editor, pulls copy from the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County (DPBC) website, checks for new submissions for calendar announcement items--and puts it all together in our standard layout. Typically, the project takes between one and two hours the night or late afternoon before publication. If you’re willing and able to help, please contact us at: volunteers@bernalillodems.org. We ask for a once-weekly commitment, but would gladly extend options if you’re available twice weekly. Thanks for your help ahead of time!

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