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Vitality: Be Well, Do Well

How are YOU doing right now? Your employees? Your organization?

In the midst of the current environment, how do we strengthen ourselves, our employees, and our companies? How do we move from the lethargy and hopelessness of constant strain to vitality and wellness and new energy? Read on for ideas and resources to help you on your journey to vitality. Be well to do well!

Well Being Action Items for Managers
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In this issue:

From the Experts features Lyn Turknett, TLG Co-founder & Co-chair, Bill Dickinson, Sr. Consultant, TLG, and Melanie Polk, Sr. Consultant, TLG, addressing the topic of why employee vitality is crucial for organizations, especially now, and what actions they can take to support employee vitality. Tino Mantella, President/CEO, TLG, shares Six Ways to Overcome the Pandemic Blues.

Dr. Patricia Thompson, Sr. Consultant, TLG, gives us her Four Ways to Bring Back Vitality, and Vicki Abelson, Sr. Consultant - Healthcare, TLG, shares Practical Steps to Beating Burnout.

Women in Leadership gives you an opportunity to subscribe to the 2022 Signature Series so you don't miss speakers like our Feb. 25th guest, Elizabeth Elango of the Global Village Project, whose source of energy is in service to others. You will also hear from Elyse Hammett in the Barrier Busters: Women of Character Podcast and meet Dr. Erika Hamden in a very impactful SHEroes interview. Can you say Genuine Galactic Explorer?

For fascinating and practical articles on our Be Well, Do Well topic, explore the "What We Are Reading" section. So many rich resources including Bob Turknett, TLG Co-founder & Co-chair, sharing his favorite thought leader, Arthur C. Brooks with our readers!

And don't miss Turknett Buzz to check out what has TLG so excited, such as our Bulldog 100 interview with Bob & Lyn Turknett, Black History Month at Work, new TLG consultant Cindy Cheatham, a new episode of For What It's Worth with Tino Mantella about change, Tim Huff's Leadership in the Moment, and a visit with 98 year old Janice Rothchild Blumburg who has written a new book, "What's Next?" May we all have the vitality to be asking "What's next?" at 98!

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From the Experts: Vitality


Employees need resources and support that help them to thrive and survive when the going gets tough. Hear from two of our experts about why they feel employee vitality is crucial for organizations especially now, and what actions they can take to support employee vitality.


Tino's Corner

Six Ways Ways to Overcome The Pandemic Blues

The pandemic has in many ways shortened our life spans and decreased our overall health. Here's how you can age gracefully despite it.

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Featured Articles

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Want to Boost Your Sense of Vitality? Here’s How to Start.

Want to improve your over all well-being and get back vitality in 2022? Dr. Patricia Thompson lays out four ways you can start.


Vitality: Five Practical Steps to Beating Burnout

The opposite of vitality is burnout. Vicki Abelson, ACC, shares five practical steps to beat burnout and discover vitality


Updates and Outlooks


Women in Leadership

TLG’s Women in Leadership (WIL) is a program designed to spotlight women of achievement. Come have a seat at our table.

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Turknett Buzz

Looking for the latest news and happenings at TLG? You've come to the right place! See what our staff and consultants have been up to.

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What We are Reading...

Our goal is to provide you, the reader, with the latest resources, articles, and research in leadership development. See what we're reading!

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Founders' Reflections

Robert (Bob) and Lyn (Carolyn) Turknett have been at the forefront of the Leadership Development Industry for over 34 years. Get their latest perspectives, insights, and content by visiting Founder's Reflections on our site!


Coach Spotlight: Cindy Cheatham


TLG is welcoming Cindy Cheatham as the newest member of team TLG. Learn about Cindy's coaching journey that has spanned over 25 years!



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