February 2016  
Check out Samuel's #TangTip on positivity and optimism.

Staff Highlight: Samuel Martinez, Medical Assistant, UHS Tang Center

Samuel Martinez , MA, believes in smiling through life's obstacles. And since he joined the UHS Staff in April 2015, he has encouraged that same idea to patients he meets in Clinic 3 at the Tang Center. "Sometimes you have to learn things the hard way but it's just better to do it in an upbeat and uptempo mood," Samuel said in his #TangTip to students. Outside of the office, Samuel enjoys sports, singing and playing a variety of musical instruments. Read Samuel's full staff highlight here and make sure to check out his #TangTip on the importance of laughing through
Free Rapid HIV Testing
The Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP) will be providing free rapid HIV testing for Cal students in a safe, confidential space in Health Promotion, 2nd floor of the Tang Center.

Results are available in 30 minutes. The next testing this semester is on Friday, February 26 from noon to 3pm. Check here for more information. 

The Hookup & Free Confidential Counseling every Wednesday
The Hookup: Stop in to GenEq on Wednesday nights for health, relationship and wellness information and special workshops. Check here for dates, times and more information.
Also, for free, friendly, and confidential LGBTQ counseling consultation service stop by for a 30 minute sessions hosted by Tang Counselors at 150 Cesar Chavez and Unit 3. Counselors are available every Wednesday night from 3-5pm.

#PartySafe @Cal Tip & #OurHouse Campaign Info

College is an exciting time for new students and many take the opportunity to explore the college party scene. New students attended 25% more parties when they got to Cal in fall 2015 than in the summer before they arrived. After a semester of college life, students were surveyed again through AlcoholEdu to collect their observations and opinions on Cal's party scene.
They saw more parties had:
  • Party throwers seen slowing down or cutting off over-intoxicated people (63%)
  • Drama or problems related to over-intoxication (52%)
  • Number of guests counted/limited by party throwers (44%)
  • Water easily available (20%)
  • Hard alcohol in common area (12%)
After attending parties at Cal, 7% more of students now think party throwers should be quite, very, or extremely responsible for preventing, monitoring, and intervening with intoxicated guests. This could greatly decrease the drama or problems related to over-intoxication. 

Check out the  #OurHouse campaign for more information and opportunities to improve party culture at Cal by minimizing drama and problems related to alcohol. 

Check out how Dietitian Kim Guess chose her career in nutrition.

Day in the Life with Kim Guess

Kim Guess was in high school when she first became interested in how the food she ate affected her body and its performance. Years later, she channeled that curiosity into a career in nutrition. Kim now works as a dietitian for Health*Matters and is the creator of the healthy living blog, Guess Who's Cooking.
Last semester we partnered with ConnectED: The California Center for College and Career to highlight Kim's work. The Center creates short videos featuring different professions as educational tools to inspire California high school students, particularly at-risk populations, to pursue different career paths. Check out her Day in the Life video to learn more about how Kim helps people live a happier and healthier life!

Give Your Input for SHIP 2016-17 Benefits by Thursday   

Berkeley students, share your feedback about the Berkeley SHIP 2016-17 plan before noon on Thursday, February 17: SHIP survey 2016 (must log in with your Berkeley CalNet ID). 

Good news: The $150 Health Opportunity Fund for Pell Grant and Dream Aid Recipients is back! 
The ASUC, UHS Tang Center, Equity and Inclusion, and Student Affairs have collaborated with the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Student Service Fees (CACSSF) to offer a one-time pool of funds to help offset charges at the Tang Center during Spring and Summer 2016 for Undergraduate Pell Grant or Dream Aid recipients.  The Health Opportunity Fund (HOF) covers up to $150 for  any services  at the Tang Center, including  Pharmacy  prescription and over-the-counter items (excluding Optometry). Read more

Be Sugar Savvy! Take the 21-day Challenge
Did you know that excess added sugar is linked to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and more? Health*Matters Wellness Program is collaborating with Cal Dining, Haas School of Business, School of Public Health, UHS: Health Promotion, and the Student Nutrition Advocacy Club (SNAC) to help Berkeley become the most sugar savvy university!  Take this 21-day challenge to work on new habits to drink less sweetened beverages, eat more unsweetened meals or snacks, reduce your sugar cravings, or track your added sugar intake. Visit our website for more information on how to get involved.

Sex Goddess
February's Sexy Tip from UHS Sex Goddess
Hey bears! We hope you enjoyed our National Condom Week events. If you would like more sex positive, educational events, and/or programming or general information, sign-up for the SHEP Monthly Newsletter here. You'll receive sexy tips right to your email inbox on a regular basis. Need something more often? You can check out our blog page, SHEPTalk, anytime for blogs written by and for students, or get answers to your sex and sexual health related questions. Until next time...
Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess

Learn how to make a primary care appointment online.

How to Make a Primary Care Appointment using eTang

Want to make an appointment for Primary Care online? Watch this short instructional video on how to book an appointment in minutes using eTang. If you aren't able to complete the process online, feel free to call us at (510) 642-2000 or come into the Appointment Office. 

Apply to be a Tang Center Health Worker!
Living in the residence halls for 2016-17  school year? Want to gain skills and experience related to public health,  healthcare, and health communications? 
Apply to be a Health Worker with UHS Tang Center and help your fellow students be 
well to do well. Learn more about the program and responsibilities on the  Health Worker Program page on the UHS website.  Completed applications are due on April 1, 2016 by 5pm.  

Virtual Pet Hugs & Upcoming Dates
Join us for the next Pet Hugs on Tuesday, March 1, at Sproul Plaza from 12-1pm. Visit our website for more dates and details.

In the mean time, get your adorable pet fix via our Virtual Pet Hugs.  Check out photos from the February 2 event. Tag yourself in our album, and use #PetHugs on your future Pet Hugs pics!

LoveCafe @Cal
"I'm a first-year and with the start of the semester approaching I'm wondering if there are any tips for "getting in good" with professors. I want to start making connections so that I won't have to stress when it comes time to ask for letters of recommendations."
  Continue reading.   

"My partner and I have been dating since freshman year of high school and we decided to try to stay together when we came to college."  

Be Well @ Cal, UC Berkeley University Health Services
510-642-2000 |  2222 Bancroft Way, Berkeley 94720 | uhs.berkeley.edu