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    December 2014    |     #BeWellCal
Rock your RRR week
The Health Workers share their favorite tips for making it a successful RRR week.
   TODAY: Last flu shot clinic! 

To protect yourself and your community against the flu you need a flu shot every year. Drop-in to our final flu shot clinic TODAY, 12-5pm, no appointment needed! Cost is free for students with SHIP, $30 for others. Find more info on our Flu Shots webpage.


When to study 
  • Study difficult or boring subjects first: If your problem sets put you to sleep, get to them first, while you're fresh. Save the subjects you enjoy for later.
  • Avoid scheduling marathon study sessions: When possible, study in shorter sessions, which tend to be more productive. If you do study in long sessions, take a planned break every hour. Work on different projects and avoid studying similar subjects back to back.
  • Be aware of your best time of day: Many students learn best in daylight hours, while others are most productive at night. Observe yourself and schedule study time for your most difficult subjects when you feel the most alert and productive.
  • Use waiting time: Five minutes waiting for the bus, 20 minutes waiting for the dentist, 10 minutes between classes -waiting time adds up fast. Have short study tasks ready to do during these times. For example, carry 3x5 cards with equations, formulas, or definitions and pull them out anywhere. You can also use the time to review your class notes.

Where to Study

  • Use a regular study area: When you use the same place to study, day after day, your body becomes trained. The next time you're in that environment, it will sense that it's time to study. You'll be able to focus your concentration more quickly.
  • Don't get too comfortable: Put yourself into a situation where your mind is alert. Avoid studying on your bed, because this can lead to lower productivity while studying and insomnia while trying to sleep at night.
  • Set up study groups: A study group doesn't take the place of individual study, but it forces you to articulate concepts and makes a review more fun and productive. Also, it helps you to avoid procrastination because of the "peer pressure".
  • Avoid noise distractions: Don't study in front of the TV. Turn off the stereo. Many students insist that they study better with music, and that may be true. However, the majority of research indicates that silence is the best form of music for study. 
UHS Counseling and Psychological Services: What kinds of issues do you help students with?
Counseling and Psychological Services: What kinds of issues do you help students with?
Counseling and Psychological Services FAQs
Counseling at UHS isn't a one-size fits all solution. Students with a variety of unique concerns can benefit from our services. In this video, psychologist Gloria Saito, PhD describes the variety of issues that might bring a student to CPS.

Check out our growing YouTube playlist of videos related to CPS services. We'll be adding more videos to this playlist over the course of the next semester. 

Other resources: 
Close friends don't talk anymore

"I just don't understand. I was close friends with someone last year, and now we don't even talk anymore. How can two people share so many wonderful memories and disappear the next?"
love baristas respond 

I'm struggling academically

"I feel like no matter how hard I try, I'm unable to get the grades I want in my classes. It's almost the end of semester and I'm freaking out on what will be the outcome..." 

love baristas respond 


THIS WEEK: RRR Pet Hugs, Tues., 12/9 and Wed., 12/10,

Stop by and get your pet lovin' to de-stress before finals over the next two days. Location change-up: Moffitt Library outside FSM Cafe Tuesday and Wednesday, 12-1pm. University Health Services coordinates our Pet Hug event with ARF, Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation


Three Relaxation Techniques

10-Second Breathing

Slow down your breathing to a 10-second cycle, 6 breaths per minute. Using your watch or a nearby clock with a second hand, inhale for 5 seconds (odd numbers on clock face) then exhale for 5 seconds (even numbers). Keep it up for a few minutes.

5-Minute Vacation

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then visualize a relaxing vacation spot and let your imagination transport you there.

Laugh it up

Think of something funny that happened recently and laugh out loud.

berkeley ship

Top 5 SHIP Tips for Break



What if you have a medical emergency while we are closed?

  • If you are in the Bay Area, see our Urgent Care listings for locations.
  • If you are outside of the Bay Area and it is a medical emergency, visit a local Urgent Care clinic or Emergency Room. See Aetna's Find a Doc app. Remember, routine services should be administered at the Tang Center.
  • Don't forget you have access to the 24/7 Aetna Nurse Line at (800) 681-4065.

2. ROUTINE SERVICES AT TANG should be administered at the Tang Center when you return from break.


3.  SHIP AUTHORIZATIONS FOR OUTSIDE CARE are required for all non-emergency medical visits outside of the Tang Center. 


4.  $200 DEDUCTIBLE: The annual $200 deductible for some medical services outside of the Tang Center.


5. SAVE YOUR PAPERWORK: If you do have medical visits over the break, remember to save your paperwork!  


Find this information and more on our SHIP Break Tips page


Winter Break Reminders
It's a busy month, but don't forget about your health needs over break! UHS will be closed Dec. 24-Jan. 1...plan ahead! Find more reminders here.
Winter Break Hours
  • The Tang Center is operating with regular business hours through Friday, December 19, 2014. 
  • Urgent Care will be closed on Saturdays beginning Saturday, December 20. 
  • We are open with limited service Monday, December 22-Tuesday, December 23, 8am-5pm (last Urgent Care and CPS check in at 4:30pm)

  • The Tang Center is CLOSED Wednesday, December 24, 2014-Thursday, January 1, 2015.

  • Find more details on our Winter Break Hours page.


Virtual Pet Hugs!
Did you miss a Pet Hugs event this semester? Get a virtual hug by checking out this semesters photo album, or take a trip down memory lane with a past year's album. We guarantee just looking at this lovable pups will put a smile on your face!
The end. Until next month...Be Well, Berkeley! 
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