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There is nothing worse than turning on your irrigation system in the spring only to find water bubbling all over your landscape. Often, this problem can be avoided by having Landsystems winterize your irrigation system before the cold sets in.

Your sprinkler system is an intricate network of valves, pipes and fittings. When not prepared properly, the first hard freeze could cause serious damage to the entire system. Water that is not blown out can cause your pipes, sprinkler heads, and manifold to crack and burst, resulting in very costly repairs come spring.

It may still feel like early fall, but for those of us that have lived in Central Oregon for awhile, we know mother nature will bring frigid temperatures at any time. Our irrigation crews are performing this service now. Don't wait until it gets frosty to get on the list!

Winterization services starting at $65.00 locally.

(Includes full service of four zones)

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