Click the video above for a special interview with State Highway Safety and Traffic Engineer Nicole Hood.
Be your own hero: lives are at stake in work zones
This week, MoDOT recognizes National Work Zone Awareness Week by urging drivers to “be your own hero” - buckle up and put your phone down in work zones (or anywhere for that matter). The life you save may be your own.

MoDOT also advises motorists to observe warning signs and watch for changing traffic conditions. Be aware and be prepared to slow down. Work zone safety is a serious matter.
MDC and MoDOT's Trash Bash starts April 15
Missouri’s annual No MOre Trash! Bash will be held April 15-May 15. The Trash Bash is sponsored by the Missouri Department of Conservation and MoDOT as part of an ongoing statewide anti-litter campaign. Read more to learn how you can help .
Flooding update
Flooding along the Missouri River has devastated parts of Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas. Interstate 29 remains closed north of St. Joseph . Read more for other specific closures.
NHTSA Lifesavers Public Service Award
The National Highway Traffic Safety Association recently honored individuals with HTSA Lifesavers Public Service Awards. The NHTSA Region 7 award went to Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin for her leadership and dedication to promoting traffic safety programs and reducing motor vehicle deaths and injuries in Missouri. See all the winners  here .
Happy birthday to the hard hat!
This year, one of our significant worker safety advancements - the hard hat - turns 100! Safety always looks good for its age! The hard hat comes from a Kentucky-based, family-owned company called Bullard, founded in 1898 by Edward Dickinson Bullard.
This day in transportation history-April 11, 1993
Aviation pioneer Janet Harmon Bragg died in the city of Blue Island, Illinois at the age of 86. She developed a strong interest in flying at a young age and ultimately became the first African-American woman to receive a commercial pilot’s license.
Fatality update
Did you know... according to Erie Insurance, Saturdays in September and May are the biggest days for fatal car crashes involving daydreaming while driving, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays in February are the lowest. Daydreaming is considered a form of distraction – your full attention isn’t on driving if your mind is preoccupied on other things. Pay attention while behind the wheel – regardless the day of week!
Statewide Fatality Totals  
as reported on the  
Missouri State Highway Patrol  
website as of April 7, 2019:  
2019 Totals as of 4-7-19 – 166
2018 Totals as of 4-7-18 – 204
2017 Totals as of 4-7-17 – 216
2016 Totals as of 4-7-16 – 222
2015 Totals as of 4-7-15 – 174
2014 Totals as of 4-7-14 – 154

Take the challenge
When you get into any vehicle, buckle up your safety belt. If you are a driver, put the cellphone down. Join the 6,254 individuals and 450 businesses who have joined the movement so far.

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