May & June 2023

Clean Air for Californians

Clean air is instrumental to the health and wellness of both our community and our entire environment. Clean Air Month, celebrated in the United States each May, started as a week-long observation in 1972, and extended to the full month in 1994. During this month, we celebrate the importance of maintaining and improving air quality, such as acknowledging legislation like the Clean Air Act, which has drastically helped improve air quality since its enactment.

Climate change and air pollution are intertwined, as they share common roots. Both also affect human populations unevenly, often having the largest impact on communities who reside closer to the very industries that contribute the most to these issues.

There are many ways for residents to contribute to improved air quality. Buying locally sourced food or eating at local farm to table restaurants means the food didn't have to travel long distances to get to your plate, lowering the greenhouse gasses associated with food transportation. Residents can also utilize bike lanes to commute via cycling or enjoy a bike ride along one of our bike paths. Local business and nonprofit, Patagonia, also hosts group bike rides, known as Sea Rambles, usually on the last Sunday of each month. To increase your knowledge around bike safety or maintenance, check out classes offered by the Ventura Bike Hub here.

Bike to Work Day is Thursday, May 18th! If biking to work is not an option for you, consider utilizing ride sharing to reduce your emissions instead.

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Taqueria Tepatitlan a city of Ventura Green Business

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Environmental Spotlight: City of Ventura's Transportation Division

Among the many services the Transportation Division provides for our city is their work on the Active Transportation Plan, incorporating bicycle and pedestrian mobility, Suggested Routes to School (SRTS), and Complete Streets components, to lead an ambitious path toward increasing mobility options for all City residents, especially our disadvantaged communities. 

The invaluable work by these folks helps make our city a better, more sustainable place to live and work.

Thank you to the City of Ventura's Division of Transportation!

Environmental Program Updates

Residential Food Waste Recycling Program

Composting Fights Climate Change

The Residential Food Waste Recycling Program is available to all single-family residences in Ventura. Multi-family properties must first set up service with EJ Harrison via the property manager before participating. This program allows Ventura residents to comply with SB 1383 and reduce methane emissions caused by food in landfills.

To request food pails or for any additional questions, please contact the City's Division of Environmenal Sustainability:

Recycling Tip

Properly Dispose of E-Waste

Old or damaged electric cords and cables should not be thrown in the trash. These items are electronic waste, or e-waste, and need to be disposed of responsibly.

Ventura residents can take e-waste free of charge to Gold Coast Recycling. Electronic Waste can also be dropped off at the City's monthly Household Hazardous (HHW) waste events. For more information about HHW events or to register for our next event, please visit our webpage.

Ventura Compost Co-op

The Ventura Compost Co-op is 1 year old! The Compost Co-op has diverted an estimated 3,200 lbs of organic waste from going to landfills since its inception. This would not have been possible without the amazing work of our Co-op members and the continued support of our local Queen of Compost, Camila Guzman.

Thanks for composting, and rot on! 🤘

Join the Compost Co-op

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