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At the United Way
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we believe that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Not all heroes pull someone from a burning building, hit the game winning shot, or wear a cape and mask. A hero can be someone who packs a backpack full of food for a child, distributes water during a disaster, or wraps a blanket around a fire victim after losing their whole life to a fire.

Shelby's Story
Shelby Ellis is proud to be a member of Peak Community Service's crew as an assistant custodian. She signed up for Vocational Rehabilitation while in high school to help set her up on a career path after graduation. When choosing to receive job training, Shelby said, "Peak offered something new and different as a provider."

Shelby is pursuing her life goal of opening her own bakery and said that her job allows her to save toward her own company and gives her the opportunity to get out into the community. She relates her work as a custodial aid to her bakery goal as it helps her structure her work day and build vocational skills. This is possible because of the Heroes who donate to the United Way of Cass County Campaign and the Heroes who work with people with disabilities.

United Way Heroes 
The number of heros in Cass County is limitless. The United Way supports programs where Heroes help children succeed in school, embrace disadvantaged individuals and families, as well as provide transportation for the elderly and disabled.

These heroic deeds help support programs and initiatives that address the most critical EDUCATION , FINANCIAL STABILITY , and HEALTH NEEDS in Cass County. The results of the investment in our community are measured by improved readiness for kindergarten students, reducing food insecurity, and breaking down barriers of social, economic, and ethnic issues to name a few.
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By making a donation, together we can make a difference in the lives of residents in our community. Donations to the United Way of Cass County provide the best return on your charitable investment and make the greatest impact.

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