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Staying competitive means you've got to offer your clients more. More access, more value-adds, and more efficiency. Your investment program is a great way to do that, starting with Home Banking Integration (HBI). When you integrate your home banking platform with investments, your clients get so much more. Let us show you what to look for in Home Banking Integration.

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Connie L. Gregory
SVP, Business Development
CUSO Financial Services, LP and
Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC
Home Banking Integration: 
Another Signature Service from CFS/SPF

Top performing financial institutions know that integrating investment programs within their core products only works if it's easy and convenient for clients. 

At CFS/SPF, we understand how important it is for you to offer an easy way for your clients to view their investment portfolios.

Our signature solution for you is called "Home Banking Integration," or HBI, which fully integrates your clients' investment portfolio information right into your home banking platform. Your clients can view their investment accounts in real-time, right alongside their checking, savings, and loan accounts! With a SINGLE SIGN ON! 

Our Home Banking Integration allows clients to check all their investment account information including current valuations, cost basis, daily activity, performance reports and account statements, as well as detailed history on their accounts. The system integrates information from brokerage, fund direct, annuity, insurance, and advisory accounts.

Your advisors can view the same information too, which significantly enhances their service. Plus HBI gives advisors the ability to deliver performance reports and portfolio analysis to clients securely and conveniently right within home banking.

How can you get this essential service for your customers? Join CFS/SPF and we'll work with your team to integrate all the investment portfolio information right into your existing systems. If you'd like more information about giving your clients real-time, easy and convenient access to their investments, contact Connie Gregory in Business Development today at or 858-530-4440.
Home Banking Integration

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Client Testimonial
"Our  clients love accessing their financial data all in one place from our home page. With just one single login they have full view of their banking and investment accounts all on one screen. "

~Cynthia Pollard, Program Manager of Bellco Credit Union

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If you'd like to learn more about how CFS/SPF can help your investment program, please contact us. For industry and company news, follow us at our CFS LinkedIn and SPF LinkedIn pages. 

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SVP, Business Development
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