"To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart."
Eleanor Roosevelt
A Good Leader = A Good Steward
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To drop all the pretense and double-talk and to begin to ask God what we are called to do with our resources, our power, is to begin to see our lives in a new way, full of new meaning, purpose and joy. 

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we must honor God in everything we do with the gifts He has given us, each of us has a daily responsibility to reflect on these six major God-given gifts: Time, Talent, Faith, Treasure, Family and Prayer. 
As leaders we are called to serve each other every day in a manner that is God-honoring.

Stewardship asks us to be deeply accountable for the outcomes without trying to control others or trying to take care of them. 
It requires a redistribution of power and privilege, moving choice and resources closer to the edges of the organization.

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