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20+ interactive sessions and engaging discussions with tribal leaders, CFO's, policy-makers, and industry leaders.
Representatives in attendance from the GASB, Department of the Interior, Department of the Treasury, Office of Management and Budget, and Small Business Administration to answer your questions.

Be a Part of the Discussions that Matter to Indian Country
The 33rd Annual Conference to be held in Austin, Texas on April 20-21, 2015 is specifically designed to address aspects that are unique to tribal governments, including new economic development opportunities. changes in accounting regulations, and legal considerations,  which can substantially impact tribal development.

The  agenda  covers the latest developments in Indian Country as well as innovations to improve operating procedures, increase efficiency, and provide insight on best practices for building the legal, advocacy, and overall governance capacity for your tribe.

Featured Sample Topics:
  • Investment Wise: A Tribal Discussion on Asset Allocation, Emerging Opportunities, and Threats
  • CDFI Fund Programs: Meeting the Capital Needs of Indian Country
  • 2015 and Beyond: What Tribal Governments Need to Know About New and Upcoming GASB Standards
  • Major Considerations on Minors Trusts for Tribes
Learn more about the agenda and start planning your experience at the 33rd Annual Conference today!