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LOY Celebrates Its 15th Year Anniversary
1. Saturday 8 February 2020, 17.00 - 20.00 EEST
Be a Tantric Valentine!
2. Saturday 8 March 2020, 18.00 - 21.00 EEST
The Superlative of Femininity
3. Sunday 21 June 2020, hours TBA
The International Day of Yoga

    Dear friend, you are kindly invited to celebrate with us the 15th anniversary of LiveOnlineYoga during this season's new series of events (webinars, courses and celebrations) that are being offered free of charge! On this paramount occasion, you will rejoice with the LiveOnlineYoga international community and have the opportunity to enroll in two FREE LiveOnlineYoga classes and/or two FREEE LiveOnlineShakti classes, so you can sample an integral yoga class module for both men and women and/or a tantra class module for women, taught intensively once per week.
S tudents of all backgrounds are invited, present, former, as well as novices!

EVENTS SCHEDULE (Access links included): 
A limited number of seats are available for these webinars. Please reserve your seat now by writing us an email to: 

The 15th anniversary of LiveOnlineYoga is a spiritual milestone and we would like to express our gratitude, from the bottom of our hearts, to all those who have helped and supported us, over the past fifteen years!   
  • A 40 minute presentation: 
    • Love and its Mysteries 
  • A 30 minute practice session yielding the process of resonance on certain subtle vibration frequencies with sublime, harmonious energies from the macrocosm for singles as well as loving couples
    • Meditations
  • An interactive session with the attendees and the trainer having over 25 years of experience in yoga
  • A spiritual surprise
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  • A 60 minute presentation:
    • A Delightful Introduction into the Wonderful Inner Universe of a SHAKTI - Part Two
  • A 70 minute practice session yielding the process of resonance with sublime, harmonious energies from the macrocosm that help us fully manifest our elevated femininity:
    • 4 meditations
    • a relaxation exercise
  • An interactive session with the attendees and the trainer having over 25 years of experience in integral yoga.
  • And much more ...
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International Day of Yoga Logo
On 11 December 2014 the United Nations adopted a resolution (co-sponsored by more than 170 Member States) to celebrate the International Day of Yoga.
As coordinator of this project, ATMAN - The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation invites individuals and students from all yoga schools worldwide to join in love, acceptance and spiritual union in celebration of this special day, which coincides with the Summer Solstice on Sunday 21 June 2020.

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Students Testimonials on  LiveOnlineYoga Classes 
"The lesson on the Great Cosmic Power of Compassion - Tara, was so beautiful that I can not stop crying. When you said about Jesus and the guiding star I felt this was the most beautiful lesson until now. All the lessons were beautiful, but this one melt me from head to toe. I don't know why I feel so shocked to learn about compassion - like someone hit me over the head and woke me up. 
Of course I'm doing the tapas with Tara, I had one of the most beautiful consecrations with it. Suddenly I received so much warmth that I cried half a day. And the yantra - from the moment I stick it on the wall - seems to be a sort of an energy generator and it went straight to my heart.
I embrace you with lots of love and I am grateful that in this life you are my teacher - I couldn't find a better one!"
- V.B., a 3rd year online student, FR

"The class on the Great Cosmic Power of Divine Fascination - Bagalamukhi, was  something extraordinary for me. I got goose-bumps at the consecration and blessings. I felt the subtle nectar soma in vishuddha chakra. During the music meditation on Bagalamukhi, the angels awakened my soul. I can't describe the joy I felt. Thank you from all my heart!"
"It was so interesting the class on the subtle colors that I purchased two colored bottles for color therapy - one red and the other blue. Thanks a lot!" 
- C.F., a 18th year online student, USA
half Lord of the Fish pose
LiveOnlineYoga Classes Are Open 
Our spiritual platform is for the yoga beginners as well as practitioners who are bound by the limitations of a busy life, children, business travel or long commutes, that keeps you away from your yoga classes. Live integral yoga classes all in the convenience of your home or your home away from home, wherever you are with internet access. The curriculum of the LiveOnlineYoga classes follow the one year programs of the largest yoga school of Europe - MISA (Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute) taught live, in weekly scheduled classes online under the watchful eye of a well trained yoga teacher. The LiveOnlineYoga students also benefit from the opportunity to review classes from their previous years of study, to recover the missed classes for both the practical part as well as the new lessons and to rejoice in the uniqueness of a private online community. In addition to the special classes designed for the online environment, we offer to our students the possibility to join for FREE, spiritual celebrations and events in unison with their colleagues from the various local yoga centers of our international school.
The LiveOnlineYoga platform keeps students informed about the local events of our school worldwide: camps, workshops, artistic and spiritual events and warmly encourages them to attend whenever they can.  Please register via email at
Upcoming FREE Live Webinars and Celebrations
Both present and former yogis as well as novices are welcome to attend the LiveOnlineYoga spiritual events and join our international online community: 
    D etails to be announced.  Limited number of seats available!

The LiveOnlineYoga students also have the possibility to attend integral yoga webinars especially offered to them only and FREE of charge!

Please reserve your seat now by writing us an email to:   
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