Whether you’re interested in writing a business plan for your farm or learning about grazing management, our upcoming block of online courses has a small farms course for you. Courses are offered with tiered pricing from $199 – $299, based on household size and income to make access to the courses more affordable and equitable for everyone.

  • Grazing is more than simply turning livestock out onto a green pasture and hoping for the best. With sound grazing management, you can reduce workload, keep animals happier and healthier, and improve the overall productivity and profitability of your farm.
  • Mushrooms are an emerging niche crop and can easily be grown. This course trains new and experienced farmers in the background, techniques, marketing and economics of farm scale indoor commercial production.
  • The health and productivity of the soil forms the basis for any farm’s success, profitability, and ecological sustainability. Be a successful farmer by developing a holistic approach to preserving and building soil health and fertility through this course.
  • Are you a trying to navigate the legalities of owning a farm? This course helps early stage farmers assess and manage a variety of risks that they will face, including the business, tax, and regulatory implications of your farm.
  • Arm yourself with a business plan and you will have a guide to aid your farm decision-making and demonstrate to yourself and your family that your ideas are feasible. This course is designed to help you build your plan, including developing financial statements.

Live content for our block four courses start in just one week, so register now.