CE 5 Around the World
What will this part of the film be?
We want to be able to show the wide variety of people doing CE5 all around the world.

For this segment we ask you to do a SHORT - 20 second video - of yourself or your group with the following script which can be in your own language ...it does NOT have to be in English.

We are ___________ (names)
doing CE5 in : ____________________. (your town and country)
and making History...Join Us!
You have my permission to use this video in your film pro bono
(without charge).

We want to keep it very simple so that we can show as many people as possible. We may not be able to show everyone, but we will do our best.

Please submit the videos to: filmcrew@SiriusDisclosure.com .
Please put CE5 around the world in the subject title.

Deadline for submissions is July 1.

Thanks so much. Please share this with friends in any country doing CE5. We want to show how global it is.