As a white male, I realize that I had benefited greatly from institutionalized biases that are in my favor. But TBC has provided me a prime opportunity to lead by first humbly changing within myself, and to try my very best to influence others in the process. - Dave Aldrich, TBC Board Chair

Dave's story (linked above) marks one of the many ways racial healing can benefit white people every day, with intention, in healing community.

We know that white supremacy culture's traumatic effects reach beyond people of color. Its' negative impact on white people is real and palpable, manifesting in racially harmful attitudes and actions that run the gamut from white fragility to "Karen" behavior. Yet today we have a unique opportunity to be change agents.

Dave channeled his racial awakening to become a change agent by supporting TBC’s efforts to eliminate educational and health disparities for youth and youth workers of color in Boston. Similarly, we can leverage our country's recent racial reckoning for healing every day. We can lead a movement for healing in Boston that benefits all Bostonians through the programs and practices of Trinity Boston Connects (TBC).
We invite you to invest in racial healing with a tax-deductible donation to TBC before December 31st. Your gift will support our ongoing healing work with Boston’s youth of color and the adults who support them.