May 2018   
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I spent last week at the SWANA Western Regional Symposium (WRS). These days, whenever you get recyclers (aka Eco Avengers!) together, we're talking about markets and, of course, China. The conversation around organics diversion and recovery also continues to grow, especially in California where SB 1383 is bringing new requirements for all generators. Always, I appreciate being with other thoughtful, hard-working solid waste professionals who are seeking and finding solutions to our common challenges.

Of course, conferences aren't all work. There's fun, too! At the Wednesday evening reception, we were entertained by the EcoHero himself, Brett " Mr. Eco" Edwards. The EcoHero and his sidekicks combine rap music with positive environmental messages. You can read more about this "Eco Avenger" below.

Next month, our staff will be out in force at the Indiana Recycling Coalition's annual conference. If you'll be there, stop by and say hello.

In the meantime, happy recycling!

Elizabeth Roe
Eco Partners
Congratulations to our Nature Fix winners!

Last month, we asked readers to share favorite ways to get their "nature fix." Comments ranged from watching ocean waves and smelling the sea air to gardening to hiking in the woods! 

Congratulations to Catherine Vargas, Kennetha Jespers, Heather Siesel, and Julie Rhodes for winning a copy of last month's featured book, "The Nature Fix" by Florence Williams. In case you missed it, here's our take on the book.
He's an Eco Avenger!

This year's summer blockbuster isn't the only place to learn about superheros. There's a new "avenger" and he is fighting for best solid waste practices! "Mr. Eco" (otherwise known as Brett Edwards) is "an environmental rap superhero who believes that monumental changes begin with the youngest members of society," according to his website

Combining a passion for sustainability and hip-hop, Edwards created his "EcoHero" show to reach elementary students. He's joined by "Ms. Eco" and "EcoHero Gabe." Wearing a bright yellow t-shirt and flowing green cape, these "Eco Avengers" make a big impact on students.They have performed for over 330,000 students and visited more than 600 schools in 5 countries! 

Mr. Eco also created entertaining and educational videos about solid waste issues and recycling. If you are a Star Wars fan, be sure to check out the EcoHero's "Straw Wars" video then read all about the EcoHero and his sidekicks in our blog post. 

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