Providing every child access to the life-changing experience of making music.
November 2022
Please give the gift of music to children in Colorado. It's a gift that will change their lives forever.
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Over the past 12 years, more than 7,500 band and orchestra instruments which you have donated to Bringing Music to Life have benefited more than 300 under-funded school music programs and 18,000 students across Colorado. Please help us put more even instruments in the hands of even more children! 

It is expensive to refurbish used instruments and return them to playable condition. That is where you and Colorado Gives Day come in! 
A donation of $75 repairs an acoustic guitar.
A donation of $150 repairs a trumpet.
A donation of $225 repairs a flute.
A donation of $350 repairs a saxophone.
Choose your instrument. Choose your donation amount.
Choose to be an instrument of change.
Bringing Music to Life

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