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Give yourself the competitive edge!
The Edge Trainer from Vizual Edge is a simple web-based training tool designed to improve the speed, coordination, and efficiency of your eye movements.
“I feel as though I generated more plays simply from being one step ahead , where that wasn't always the case last year”
– Ben Sharf, Center, Colgate University
By training with the Edge Trainer, athletes can improve general puck tracking, passing & shooting accuracy, closing of the gap, rebounding, anticipation, positional and spatial awareness, focus on incoming shots, and more!

The Edge Trainer program is used by NHL, AHL, USHL, NCAA, and thousands of youth athletes in every sport around the world!

The Edge Trainer creates a custom training plan specifically for the athlete to work on 3x a week, 15 minutes each session.
The program is entirely web-based, on your own laptop or tablet, and just requires our 3D glasses, which are included in the purchase of a training package.
Our visual skills evaluation assesses an athlete's core-six visual skills, which has a direct impact on performance on the ice or in goal:
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