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Texas Schools Asked to Investigate Their Libraries. Will They? And Do They Have To?
Rep. Matt Krause, chairman of the Texas House investigative committee, sent letters to a number of school districts in Texas, requesting districts to identify a list of 800 book titles that may exist in their schools and what money was used to purchase them. He also requests that districts perform internal investigations to identify other books that might make students feel discomfort or guilt related to their race or sex. The deadline for district responses is two weeks away. 
TEA Providing $1,500 For Families of Special Education Students Impacted by Pandemic
Students with a disability served through Special Education in Texas public schools are eligible for $1500 in financial assistance through the Texas Education Agency. Families can purchase products or services through Class Wallet that aim to fill the learning gap caused by the COVID-19 pandemic for students.
New Virtual Hybrid Program Application & Supports
TEA is offering resources to support virtual instruction, including the Virtual and Hybrid Program accelerator (VHPA) which will allow for collaboration alongside local education agencies surrounding model design, strategic staffing, family engagement, and more. All LEAs that commit to running virtual or hybrid programs in 2022-2023 and meet the requirements of SB 15 may apply.
National News
U.S. Will Limit Immigration Arrests at Schools and Other 'Protected' Areas
The Department of Homeland Security issued guidelines that limit immigration arrests at schools, churches, medical facilities, playgrounds, demonstrations or rallies. The DHS secretary states that the agency plans to focus efforts and officers must seek approval for taking action near protected areas unless the individual poses an imminent risk or threat.  
How Social Media Platforms Impact Kid and Teen Mental Health
Teens have come to rely on social media use over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, but experts say the mental and physical consequences include sleep problems and depression. Parents can help their kids navigate healthy habits by interacting with them inside the social media apps and asking questions frequently about their interactions.
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