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Public schools matter

Public Schools week is February 27-March 3. Dallas ISD invites families, educators and community members to help shine a light on the positive things happening in schools by sharing stories on social media with the hashtag #hereforthekids.

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Mesquite ISD considers a four-day school week

Mesquite ISD is the largest school district considering a 4-day school week for the 2023-2024 school year, serving more than 38,000 students. Forty Texas school districts have made the shift to 4-day school weeks in efforts to retain certified teachers amid a state-wide teacher shortage.

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Who’s running for two Dallas ISD school board seats

May 6th’s Dallas ISD school board election will elect trustees in District 2, 6 and 8. Three candidates have filed to replace District 2 trustee Dustin Marshall who will not seek re-election: Sarah Weinberg, Jimmy Tran, and Kevin Malonson. District 6 has two candidates: incumbent Trustee Joyce Foreman and Stephen Poole. District 8 Trustee Joe Carreon is running unopposed.

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Statewide News

What you need to know about education savings accounts, the voucher-like program championed by Gov. Greg Abbott

Education savings accounts are taxpayer-supported bank accounts for parents who remove their children from the public education system. Senate Bill 176, authored by Sen. Mayes Middleton, would grant participating families about $10,000 a year to use towards educational expenses. Ten states have enacted education savings programs, with 20 others currently in the legislative process to approve a similar program.

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Academic milestone '100 days of school' explained in Texas

Districts across Texas are celebrating 100 days of school in February and early March. Teachers celebrate the milestone in their classrooms by providing activities focused on reinforcing basic math skills, allowing students to dress up as 100-year olds, and looking back at the many things  students have learned in 100 days.

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Texas teachers need raises, more training and better working conditions to fix shortages, state task force finds

The Teacher Vacancy Taskforce has released recommendations as state lawmakers weigh school funding during this legislative session. Recommendations include raising teacher salaries to combat inflation and rising healthcare costs, redesign of district schedules to allow for increased planning and development, and the addition of counseling staff to combat student behavioral issues.

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National News

4 areas prime for education disruption

A report from the University of Virginia’s Partnership for Leaders in Education features innovative changes to the status quo in accelerating student achievement. Recommendations include partnering secondary schools with local industries, altering high school schedules to allow for college class enrollment, investing in high quality staff, and aligning budgets to strategic goals.

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3 Takeaways About the Connection Between Reading and Writing Instruction

Studies show that when children are taught to write complex sentences, their ability to read a wider variety also improves. Experts recommend repetition of foundational skills and aligning writing assignments directly to the purpose of learning, such as summarizing or analytical skills.

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How grown-ups can help kids transition to 'post-pandemic' school life

The Counselor of the year for 2023 from the American School Counselor Association offers advice for how educators and families can support students as they transition to “post-pandemic” life. She recommends helping students re-establish daily routines and a sense of control, looking at behaviors as unmet needs, and giving kids basic tools to cope with increased anxiety.

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