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Dallas ISD Board of Trustees approve Legislative Agenda priorities, prioritize safety

The Dallas ISD Board of Trustees approved 5 priorities for the 88th Session of the Texas Legislature. The district seeks to increase the state’s School Safety Allotment to $200 per student from the current allotment of $9.72 per student, and increase the Basic Allotment by $200 per student to address inflation. Pre-K funding and accountability of public tax dollars remain top priorities.

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Dallas ISD to ban TikTok from district WiFi, devices

Dallas ISD confirmed it will ban TikTok from being used on its WiFi and on all district devices due to concerns about cybersecurity. Several Texas universities have also banned the app from campus WiFi citing potential harm to IT infrastructure.

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Dallas Teen School Board taste-tests potential new menu items

The Dallas ISD Food and Child Nutrition Services department (FCNS) enlisted the help of the Dallas Teen School Board this month to taste-test potential new cold brew coffee and sandwich options. The Dallas Teen School Board is a student advisory group made up of juniors and seniors that meets monthly to discuss topics concerning their campuses.

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Statewide News

Most Texans support more school funding and teacher raises, new survey finds

The annual Texas Education Poll conducted by the The Charles Butt Foundation found that 89% of surveyed adults are satisfied with Texas public education. 89% of participants support an increase in teacher salaries and 91% support increased funding for school safety programs.

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Will teachers get a $15K salary boost? Dems urge across-the-board raises as debate begins

House Bill 1548 proposes a $15,000 salary increase for all teachers, counselors, and school nurses across the state and a 25% pay increase to other school employees. The bill would take the average teacher salary to nearly $74,000, making Texas the seventh-highest state on teacher pay.

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Inspectors tried to breach security at nearly 3,000 Texas schools. How did they do?

According to a report from the Texas School Safety Center, 95% of the 3000 campuses that underwent surprise audits throughout the fall did not allow inspectors to gain unauthorized access to the building. One third of campuses have been inspected so far this school year.

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National News

School Boards Are Limiting Public Comment. Will That Erode Trust?

Many school districts across the country are considering limiting the content or length of public comment at school board meetings. State laws on access and participation in public meetings vary. Legal experts recommend focusing on limitations such as length, sign ups, and reminders to focus on policies that are under board jurisdiction.

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What Is the ‘Mentoring Gap,’ and How Can Schools Help Close It?

A recent analysis conducted by MENTOR found that adults under 40 are more likely to report having had a mentoring relationship than older generations. 69% of 25-40 year olds report having a mentor compared with 49% of those aged 41-46. Data shows a recent decline in mentoring, partially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with only 60% Gen Z (18-24 year olds) reporting a youth mentor.

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Schools Speed Up Covid-Aid Spending After a Slow Start

The U.S. The Department of Education reports that districts across the nation have spent 27% of federal education funding disbursed in 2021 through the American Rescue Plan. States allocate the federal funds to districts based on the percentages of students from low-income families with a requirement that 20% of funds address learning loss. All funds must be spent by September 2024.

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