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200,000 students impacted by online STAAR glitch, a Texas lawmaker says
On the first day of online STAAR testing, students were not able to complete their tests due to widespread technical issues.
Texas closer to expanding internet access after Senate approves plan
The Texas Senate approved legislation that would establish an office to create a state-wide plan for broadband expansion and oversee efforts to improve broadband access.
Analysis: A $5.5 billion shift in who pays for public education in Texas
Public schools will receive $5.5 billion in funding from local property taxes rather than from state funds this year.
National News
Survey: Even as Schools Reopen, Many Students Learn Remotely
Data released by the Biden administration shows that only 34% of students are learning in-person full-time.
Miguel Cardona: Schools Must Work to Win Trust of Families of Color as They Reopen
The U.S. Secretary of Education responded to the most recent federal data, which shows that students of color are less likely to return to in-person instruction than white students.
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