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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott introduces 'Parental Bill of Rights' targeting state education system
Governor Abbott has introduced a “Parental Bill of Rights” that he says will make clear that parents are the primary decision makers in all matters involving their children. The bill will allow parents to decide if their children must repeat a failed course or grade level, expand easy access to all school curriculum, and potentially place educators on a “do not hire” list if convicted of providing “obscene” content to minors.
Retired educators become one answer to Texas teacher shortages
Members of the Texas Retired Teachers Association are responding to increased teacher vacancies by returning to the classroom as substitutes. Retirees that retired less than 12 months ago are navigating cost consequences against their pensions for returning.
Texas teachers are quitting more often, report finds
A 2021 report from Raise Your Hand Texas shows that nearly half of teachers who began teaching in 2010 had left the profession by 2020. The report also found that educators that remained in the profession were more likely to transition to campuses and districts with lower levels of economic need.
National News
Back to School, but Still Learning Online
The American Rescue Plan stimulus bill has provided schools with money towards tutoring interventions; however, due to labor shortages and costs of quality tutoring, much of this tutoring is taking place virtually. Research indicates that for tutoring to be most effective, it should include a consistent, in-person, paid, trained tutor at least three times per week. Districts are struggling to fill in-person tutoring roles with the influx of online tutoring options available. 
Teachers Get Top Marks for Handling of Pandemic: Survey
A poll commissioned by the American Federation of Teachers revealed that 78% of parents are pleased with the quality and performance of teachers. Overall, parents appreciate how their public schools have handled the pandemic and acknowledge the efforts to keep students safe.
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