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Texas schools rethink gender-based dress code policies after discrimination claims raise new legal issues
Many districts across the state are reshaping their dress code policies making them more race and gender neutral. Federal courts outside of Texas have ruled in recent years that gender-based dress codes could be classified as gender discrimination under Title IX.
Retirements of key Texas lawmakers leave void in education policy expertise, advocates say
Rep. Dan Huberty and Sen. Larry Taylor have both announced that they will not seek re-election.  The two Republicans led their respective chambers’ education committees and were integral in the passing of House Bill 3, overhauling the school finance system.
Gov. Abbott directs $123M in federal COVID-19 relief funding toward education in Texas
Federal funds have been allocated to prioritize at-risk students and those with specialized educational needs.  The final round of federal money for coronavirus relief will include $20 million for the Supplemental Special Education services program as well as $10 million for charter school grants.
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Teachers thought 2021 would be better. Instead, some say it's their toughest year yet
Educators are facing large amounts of stress as the pandemic continues through a third school year causing some to consider leaving the profession.  Teachers are charged with dealing with the learning loss of the last 18 months amidst an increase of behavioral issues and staff shortages.
Schools Confront a Wave of Student Misbehavior, Driven by Months of Remote Learning
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected routines, discipline, and social skills of students, with the last “normal” year occurring in 2018-2019.  Schools have seen an increase in both minor incidents and more serious issues such as fights and gun possession. Districts are implementing a focus on mental health to help students learn appropriate behaviors and address the trauma of the last two years.
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