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Siding with Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas Supreme Court temporarily halts mask orders in Dallas and Bexar counties
The Texas Supreme Court ruled to temporarily block temporary mask mandates instituted across the state by some of Texas’ largest school districts and most populous counties.  Local leaders intend to continue to plead their case in lower courts. 
TEA won’t weigh in on the battle over mask mandates. We asked schools about COVID protocols
TEA will not be issuing any public health guidance as the issue surrounding mask mandates continues to play out in the courts.  DFW area schools are split on re-opening procedures surrounding virtual options and mask mandates, but all surveyed plan to inform parents of positive COVID cases on campus.  
Texas Senate committee advances virtual learning bill to expand online classes
Texas SB15 proposes to allow school districts with a grade of C or higher in state accountability to offer remote learning to students. Enrollment will be limited to 10% of the total student body and teachers cannot be required to teach both virtual and in-person classes. The bill will not be taken up in the Texas House until a quorum exists. 
National News
Name-calling, canceled meetings, pleas from students: A week of school mask mandate chaos
Debates over what is the best way to keep kids safe as the school year begins are unfolding in many states.  Conversations and protests surrounding mask and vaccine mandates are occurring at school board meetings across the country.  Child cases of coronavirus have steadily increased in the U.S. since early July.  
‘Nation’s Report Card’ Has a New Reading Framework, After a Drawn-Out Battle Over Equity
A new framework for how the NAEP assesses reading will go into effect in 2026. The framework will call for more detailed reporting within subgroups, and test students on their ability to read informational texts in social studies and science. The test hopes to expand reading comprehension by testing a student’s ability to “use and apply” information.  
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