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How a grassroots campaign relies on Dallas neighbors to promote Pre-K enrollment

Groundwork DFW is working alongside Dallas ISD and other area nonprofits to increase free Pre-K enrollment in Dallas. By engaging trusted community leaders and educating families, Dallas ISD Pre-K enrollment has increased by 2000 students since 2020.

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Dallas ISD punts tax break ask from manufacturing company ahead of Chapter 313 expiration

The Dallas ISD school board has elected to delay its vote on a proposal to approve a property tax break for a manufacturing company interested in operating in the area. The Texas Economic Development Act, known as Chapter 313, exchanges tax incentives for the creation of jobs.

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Statewide News

With billions for broadband on the line, Texas asks federal government for more time to improve access maps

The Federal Communications Commission released the initial version of a broadband map that will be used to determine which areas will receive federal funding for high-speed internet. 2.8 million Texas households lack broadband access, and the Texas Broadband Office does not feel the current map clearly represents these needs.

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Texas pediatricians will now screen kids for hunger in appointments

According to data from Feeding Texas and the USDA, 1 in 5 children in Texas is food insecure. Texas pediatricians will be trained in hunger screening in order to connect families to resources. Families experiencing food insecurity can call 211.

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National News

As student mental health needs soar, schools turn to telehealth

70% of schools reported an increase of students seeking mental health services since the pandemic. To address the spike, many districts are turning to offering remote services during the school day. Federal data shows that 17% of public schools utilized telehealth services during the Spring of 2022.

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Here’s How the Pandemic Changed School Discipline

Suspensions have declined from pre-pandemic levels, as more districts across the country have turned to restorative justice discipline practices to support students as they recover from the trauma and disruption of the pandemic,. Southeast High School in Kansas City saw 20 percent fewer discipline incidents and 12 percent higher attendance after implementing these practices.

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How children are taught to read faces a reckoning

Research shows early readers need direct instruction on how to sound out letters and words, but for years many classrooms used curriculum that taught kids ineffective reading shortcuts. The Science of Reading is a body of research about how people learn to read. 20 states now require teachers to complete some type of evidence and scientifically based reading program.

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