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Texas releases $11 billion of $18 billion in federal stimulus money for public schools
State officials announced that it will release $11.2 billion in federal pandemic relief funding, but education advocates urge the release of the remaining $7 billion.
Texas lawmakers see civics bills as a rejection of ‘woke’ philosophies. Educators say they would have a chilling effect
Lawmakers are advancing bills around civics education in Texas that educators and advocates fear will infringe on free speech and limit social studies curriculum by removing topics related to race or racism.
U.S. Education Secretary Talks to NBC 5 About STAAR Tests and Pandemic Concerns
Miguel Cardona emphasized that federal funds in Texas and nationwide should be used for providing additional educators and learning experiences, social-emotional learning support, and safe school environments.
National News
Signs of an improving pandemic outlook may be emerging for younger Americans
The Food and Drug Administration will authorize Pfizer-BioNTech to administer its coronavirus vaccine to children 12 to 15 years old this summer and likely to children 2 to 11 after September.
How the Pandemic Prompted Teachers to Give Students More Flexibility, Choice
More than half of the teachers surveyed by the EdWeek Research Center offer more flexibility in completing assignments or participating in discussions, which experts see as a positive innovation.
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