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Summer Breeze 2022 offers something for every student

Dallas ISD students can take part in free summer learning programs during June and July. Students will engage in rigorous academics and enrichment activities. High School students may participate in remote extended learning and Middle school students will have the opportunity to participate in career exploration camps.

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Homegrown Educators: More than 100 seniors get letters guaranteeing them teaching jobs in Dallas ISD after they get their bachelor’s degree

Over 100 students graduating from Dallas ISD’s P-TECH Education Pathway received a letter of intent during a special ceremony that guarantees each student a teaching job in Dallas ISD once they have completed their bachelor’s degree. The Education Pathway is a program that allows for students to graduate from high school with both their diploma and an associate degree. Currently the Education Pathway is offered at 5 Dallas ISD schools.

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Dallas ISD election rematch comes as trustees prepare to hire a new schools superintendent

One spot on Dallas ISD’s nine-person school board is up for election next month. District 4’s Karla Garcia faces challenger Camile White, while Maxie Johnson and Ben Mackey, current board president, are running unopposed. The board plans to name a replacement for outgoing superintendent Michael Hinojosa in June or July, after the election, but before the 2022-2023 school year.

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Statewide News

Texas students learn about the state’s history in fourth and seventh grade. That may change soon

The State Board of Education is working to revamp Social Studies standards to include a broader, more chronological approach to teaching Texas history. The reimagined standards would have students learning about key Texas, US, and world people and cultures from Kindergarten through 8th grade in place of the current 4th and 7th grade Texas history focus. The board will vote on these standards before the end of the calendar year.

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Too big to fail? Texas’ largest teacher prep program riddled with problems, state finds

An audit conducted last year by the Texas Education Agency found that the state’s largest alternative teacher certification program, Texas Teachers of Tomorrow, is out of compliance in 7 of 9 key areas including mentor assignment, curriculum, and messaging. Over half of Texas’ candidates enrolled in teacher preparation programs last year were learning through this organization.

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Texas Education Agency’s new school library standards push for more scrutiny and parental input

TEA released standards for how school districts should remove and prevent obscene content from entering public school libraries. School districts are not required to adopt the agency’s recommendations, but the standards are encouraged to be used as guidance for officials as they develop or alter policies for selecting or removing library books. The new guidelines suggest that school boards have final approval of all new books and that a committee should be put in place to review books if parents file a formal “request for reconsideration.”

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National News

A Profession in Crisis: Findings From a National Teacher Survey

According to the Merrimack College Teacher Survey which surveyed approximately 1300 US teachers in early 2022, 4 in 10 teachers say they are fairly likely to leave the profession in the next two years. 74% of teachers do not believe their salary is fair for the work they do, and many teachers desire more influence over how they spend their time.

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School Sports Are Back. Where Are the Athletes?

A survey conducted by the Aspen Institute and Utah State University found that 3 in 10 students who were athletes pre-pandemic are no longer interested in playing organized sports. Experts worry about the effects on self esteem as well as physical and mental health with fewer students participating in school athletic programs. Data suggests that the percentage of obese students more than doubled in the 2020-2021 school year.

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In an effort to make schools greener, the White House is offering billions of dollars

Vice President Kamala Harris announced a multi-billion dollar federal initiative to renovate schools across the United States. Funds are spread across several government agencies and include grants for HVAC upgrades, the purchase of electric buses, and lower power costs by introducing LED lights and solar panels to campuses. K-12 school buildings currently consume 8% of fuel used by non-residential buildings in the U.S.

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