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Spreading awareness during Homeless Youth Awareness Month

Each year, more than 3,900 Dallas ISD students experience some form of housing instability. The Dallas ISD Homeless Education Program helps connect families to resources, train staff, and spread awareness. Throughout November, the HEP is accepting donations to benefit families experiencing homelessness.

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Dallas ISD wants big money to bolster school safety, not vouchers

The district plans to ask the Texas legislature to increase the current $10 per-student allotment for safety needs to at least $200 per-student. Dallas ISD’s draft on legislative priorities also opposes any use of public funds for a voucher program.

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Advocates in Dallas push for free public transit for K-12 students

The Dallas City Council passed a resolution in support of a free fare program for K-12 students in May. Discussions are in progress to implement a program with Dallas Area Rapid Transit to improve access to educational and extracurricular opportunities for underserved students.

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Statewide News

Texas is increasing Black students’ reading scores more than any other state

New data from the Nation’s Report Card shows a loss of half a year of learning in math and a quarter of a year in reading for the average public school student in grades 3-8. Texas’ gains for all students in reading were greater than the majority of states. Despite gains, pre-pandemic achievement gaps still remain with black students in Texas performing a grade level behind the national average.

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Why all eyes are now on the often ignored Texas Board of Education races

Due to redistricting, all 15 seats on the education board are up for election November 8 and 33 candidates are vying for those seats. The new board will have a large influence over updating statewide social studies curriculum standards. The SBOE updates the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) approximately once a decade.

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Texas Leaders Announce Additional $874.6 Million For Public Safety Initiatives

$874.6 million will be transferred to state agencies and programs that include school safety and enhanced border security operations. $400 million will go to school districts to assist with making upgrades to doors, windows, fencing, and other safety measures.

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National News

Why Some Schools Are Adding ‘Directors of Wellness’ to Their Leadership Teams

To address an increase in student and staff post-pandemic mental health needs, many districts across the nation are adding “directors of wellness” responsible for assessing and improving the state of mental health in school communities. The position differs from a school counselor as it is charged with creating systems for what health and wellness looks like across all members of a school community, including parents.

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What Does Research Say About Grade Retention? A Few Key Studies to Know

After pausing during the COVID-19 pandemic, many states  are enforcing grade retention policies as holding students back remains controversial. Studies show that retention disproportionately affects students of color with 2.6% of black K-8 students being retained compared to 1.5% of white and Hispanic students. A recent National Bureau of Economics study shows that retention is only effective with significant additional supports.

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Inflation Hits School Lunches as Districts Cut Menu Items and Raise Meal Prices

Many districts across the country have raised prices for school food by as much as 50 cents a meal as they face a 50% increase in ingredient prices. Federal funding for universal free meals expired in June, leaving many families in a difficult financial position as prices increase. Districts have been forced to limit meal choices due to both price and supply chain challenges.

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