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Make an informed decision when you vote - You have choices for District A

District A incumbent Council Member Brenda Stardig is being challenged by Helena Brown.


Sometimes the Caucus doesn’t endorse in a race for any number of reasons. This year, we didn’t endorse in District A, but it is still important for us to educate voters on issues that matter to our community and help them make informed decisions in the voting booth. We would like to share a brief overview of both candidates with regard to issues that affect our community.


In Stardig’s two years as a member of Houston City Council, not many GLBT issues have arisen. However, a number of votes have been taken to authorize funding for facilities that provide services to people living with HIV/AIDS (HOPWA funding), including Marjo House, a facility whose funding the Caucus and other GLBT organizations had to fight for in 2010. Stardig stood up against tremendous pressure and supported Marjo House, and has voted in favor of all other HOPWA contracts. She has made a point to engage the community as a representative of GLBT constituents in her district.


Helena Brown is currently a Republican precinct chair and is actively involved in the Tea Party movement. While she does not have a voting history as an elected official to evaluate, she has gone on record with the Harris County GOP and the notoriously anti-GLBT Houston Area Pastors Council as being opposed to equal rights for the GLBT community. She opposes non-discrimination policies that protect the civil rights of not only GLBT citizens but other minorities as well, and is opposed to the extension of benefits to same-sex partners of City employees. Her anti-GLBT views are well known in political circles.


Please take the time to consider these candidates and make the choice you feel is best for our community when you vote.


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The Houston GLBT Political Caucus PAC Proudly Endorses These Candidates:

City Council
Dist B: Jerry Davis

City Council At-Large
Pos 2: Kristi Thibaut
Pos 5: Jolanda Jones