What an amazing night we had! The Vermont Women’s Fund annual celebration last week captured the same positivity and energy it's known for - even over Zoom. The key thing I heard afterwards was how inspired people felt. And isn't that just what we all need more of right now?

A few highlights:
  • Burlington High School Girls Soccer team players reflected on their experience after the #EqualPay jersey story went viral one year ago - and the impact this movement has had on their lives. Given their comments, there is great hope for the future, that's for sure!
  • Briana Scurry talked to us from the heart, and described how her athletic career has shaped her life and outlook. She filled us with confidence to be true to ourselves, find our own voice, and to use it.
  • Jane Lindholm is our rock star of an emcee and interviewer - hands down.
  • Our virtual audience was over 265 participants - several of them athletic teams.
  • More donations are still coming in now so these are unofficial numbers but we raised approximately $45,000. And, it's not too late to add your donation!

Access the replay
We are offering access to the video recording of the event upon request (suggested donation $25). We continue to raise funds for a special round of grants this fall and into 2021. A strong Women's Fund has never been more important to the women and girls of Vermont as it is right now.


PS: Here's a sample of the energy of our Annual Benefit in the 4-minute video clip below. Please share this with any athletes in your life!
This event is made possible by our generous sponsors.