February 2021
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This Valentine's month, we hope you will love the Children's Science Center on social media! In doing so, you help us deliver our mission to inspire a love of learning STEM, especially this year when so much of our mission is virtual. Your social support has helped us bring our new virtual programs to those well beyond the DMV and amplifies our efforts tremendously. This month on social media we are sharing our love for our volunteers, celebrating famous scientists for Black History Month, promoting upcoming virtual programs like our Winter Weather Workshop with Topper Shutt and the WUSA9 weather team, and sharing more fun science activities and important facts like the impact and importance of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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We love you back – despite the social distancing and shift from in-person to virtual programming, our love for our volunteers, members, donors, community partners, schools, families, and especially the children we serve has never waned. Absence indeed makes our hearts grow fonder, and we look forward to being reunited in person soon!


Nene Spivy
Executive Director
Children's Science Center
For the Love of STEM Kit
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Volunteer Spotlight
Ava Nia
How did you first learn about the Children's Science Center?
I first learned about the Center from a coworker at ARRAY.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Where are you from, occupation, home life, etc.
I am originally from France and have always believed that “education is the light of life”. So, I moved to the United States 6 years ago in pursuit of a college degree to be able to realize my dreams and full potential in life. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing in 2019, bought my very first house, and started a small business called “Baked à la carte” in 2020, and I am now a Marketing Manager at ARRAY.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering with the Center?
I enjoy being part of a team that spreads the word and educates people about the many benefits that the Center can provide to the children of Northern Virginia and beyond! As a marketer, I need to find an organization valuable to promote them, and I fully believe in the value of what the Center has to offer.

What scientist do you admire most and why?
I admire all scientists! Scientists helped us get where we are today and will help us move forward in the future. I am grateful for their commitment and passion.

How can we inspire young people to become interested in science?
We can show them the many ways in which scientists have impacted our world and how science has resolved many challenges even beyond our planet Earth.

What is one scientific question you would like to see answered in your lifetime?
I have always been curious to know what is beyond our solar system and exoplanets - and if there ever is an end to what is beyond our heads.

Ava volunteered virtually with the Children's Science Center in the Communications Department providing social media content and graphic support.
Save the Date!
Volunteer Appreciation Celebration
Join us for our virtual volunteer victory lap as we celebrate all of the volunteers who gave us their time and talent in 2020, play Childsci trivia, and enjoy an update on the state of the Lab and future Science Center!

Sunday, February 28th

Registration to come; Zoom link provided.
Try It At Home
How do snowshoes work?
There's more snow in the forecast! Maybe not enough to warrant snowshoes, but you never know. Do you know how snowshoes work and why they don't sink in the snow as our feet do? Check out this experiment and learn how!
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