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Vol. 5, Issue 4 (May 26/16)
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Employers: Be part of Manufacturing Day 2016!

Are you an advanced manufacturing employer who would like to share the innovative work that you are involved with, and career possibilities, with the next generation of workers?

We invite you to be part of Manufacturing Day 2016 in Hamilton, a career fair day which will take place near the end of October. 

Advanced manufacturing in Hamilton in alive and well, and the workforce skills needed in this sector are vastly different from the skills sought in the past. 

Manufacturing Day is a way to let youth and other job seekers know that manufacturing is a viable career choice, and that highly skilled workers are in demand.

The day started in the United States four years ago, and last year 2,600 events took place in the U.S. and Canada, involving 400,000 participants.

Workforce Planning Hamilton, with partners City of Hamilton, Economic Development Department, and many others, are looking forward to introducing middle and high school students, post-secondary students, and adult job seekers to the types of careers available in advanced manufacturing.

Our advisory committee is in the planning stages for the day and we would like to hear from employers in advanced manufacturing who would like an opportunity to attend the event, provide interactive displays, and speak to youth and adult job seekers.

Please contact Cyndi Ingle at 905-521-5777 or email [email protected] to find out how you can be involved.

Together we can inspire youth, and grow the advanced manufacturing sector in Hamilton!
Statistics Canada report reveals that Canada's in-demand jobs are mostly low paid

According to Statistics Canada's  latest survey of job vacancies, virtually all of the most in-demand jobs in Canada are low-paid positions.

Of the 353,000 job vacancies in Canada in the fourth quarter of 2015, more than 50,000 of them were for retail salespeople and food counter workers alone. One notable exception to the low-wage trend: Jobs related to nursing.

Statistics Canada Job Vacancy and Wage Survey, fourth quarter 2015 also indicates that a mong the 10 broad occupational groups,  sales and service occupations had the highest number of job vacancies at 143,000 or 40.4% of all job vacancies.

Retail salespersons had the largest number of vacancies (29,000). 

Rate Drop Rebate for small and medium-sized businesses

The  Rate Drop Rebate is a partnership between the government of Ontario and leading banks and credit unions to help Ontario businesses grow by hiring people facing barriers to employment, such as:
  • people with disabilities
  • newcomers to Canada
  • unemployed Indigenous persons
Small- and medium-sized businesses who participate receive a 1% reduced interest rate on a loan, or six months interest-free line of credit in the form of a rebate, for each person they hire. Businesses must hire people facing barriers to employment for a  minimum of six months. Business will be able to assess their hiring needs and screen candidates by working with recruiters from employment service partners across the province.

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