Children & Family Ministries
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  • UUMP invitation
  • Bring generosity into your life this week
  • Join Celebrate Wonder weekly family faith formation
  • an invitation to join 10am worship
UUMP is opening on Nov. 2
We have room for several children in the 4s class and the combined 2s/3s class.
CLICK HERE to contact director Rosemary Wellons for more information.
Weaving Generosity into the Fabric of Families
Generosity means doing more than is needed. When you are generous, you choose to do more than you actually have to, with your time or your work or your money.
Be a Good Neighbor.
  • Mow your neighbors’ lawn when you know they are out of town
  • Help elderly neighbors by cleaning out their rain gutters before the winter months set in
  • Especially on windy days, bring in your neighbors’ trash cans
  • Bring a casserole or fruit bowl to a neighbor who might appreciate it
  • Call or write to someone who lives alone
  • What's another way you can be a good neighbor this week?
Celebrate Wonder 
is a spiritual formation and faith exploration experience for your children and your whole family.
Now is a great time to join in the "wondering".
Click the chalk logo below to go to the
Celebrate Wonder page on the church website!
Rebecca wants your family to have the books and weekly resources. CLICK HERE to Contact Rebecca
Charlie wonders why someone would give up time and money
just to be exhausted.
Rebecca sees things in a different way.
Watch the 10am online worship service on the University UMC
Rebecca Dyck,
Director of Children and Family Ministries
Join us Sundays at 10am
for "distance" worship