Update #3
March 10, 2017

We now have 77 m entors!
Keep referring friends to help meet the 100 mentor goal. 

Thank you to all of our mentors who invest time in our students each and every week.
  You make a difference in our community.

  $5000 Donation Pledge

Planning to buy or sell a home?  Why not  find your dream home and help support mentoring at the same time?  Local real estate agent and Partners for Schools board member Linda Zemler, has generously pledged to donate $5000 to our cause for each and every property transaction resulting from your referrals.  As a former 1st grade teacher at Bernice Vossbeck, Linda values the impact of mentoring in students' lives. Contact Linda and mention Be the One."  


In This Issue

Save The Date

May 20th 2017

BTO Celebration and
Sunset Cruise 
Mentoring = Academic Results

In looking at our LHS students with mentors, we found that 72% of them performed well academically or showed significant gains this past semester.  
Announcing- Marketplace Mentoring 

Did you know that there are approximately 3 million jobs that are going unfilled in America today?  The most vocal and perhaps recognizable voice in the discussion is Mike Rowe (1) who recently testified to Congress regarding the "skills gap" in our education system. Mike highlights the fact that "too many" people are going to college and not enough are learning the trades that keep our roads paved, the lights on, and the water flowing.

Special Community Presentation
Child Protective Services
All interested are invited to attend

What exactly does Child Protective Services do and what is their role in our schools and community? There is quite a bit of mystery around CPS interventions and investigations. Please attend this informative event to understand how CPS works to protect children.

March 13th, 6:30 to 8:00 pm 
March 15th, 8:30 to 10:00 am
@ LHS Library

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Please welcome our newest Partners

Wes & Lisa Wertman
Mary Nilssen 
Elements Hospitality
Express Electric 
Rodger & Jody Anderson

We are likewise grateful to our recent Donors:  

Peoples Bank, Realtime Harmony LLC, Gordon Wagter, Scott & Ellen Korthuis, Ron & Bev DeBoer, R. Michael & Lois Massanari, Betty Shaum, Christopher & Anne Marie Peach, Delvin Groen. 

We invite you to consider becoming a financial contributor. Here are our needs: 

12.5 individuals or business donors at $100/month
25 individuals or business donors at $50/month

Sponsors= 3 year pledge monthly or annual
Partners = 1 year pledge monthly donations
Donors = 1 time gifts

Pledges insure the sustainability of Be the One 

 Mail checks payable to:
  Partners for Schools
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Denny & Nancy McHarness
Co-founders | Partners for Schools
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Be the One is a program of Partners for Schools.

Our Mission:
Bringing communities and schools together in partnership  to support student success.