March 20, 2021  Newsletter #363    

One more round! 
Help us deliver “Micro-grants”
to jazz and blues musicians so they can make it
during these tough times!
Just in time for Thanksgiving, Jazz Bridge awarded 12 “micro-grants” of $500 each to musicians struggling to hang on during the COVID pandemic. These grants helped with housing, medical costs, food, utilities and other critical needs. Your support. along with a generous grant from a private family foundation, and support from the Monnette Sudler Fund for women jazz performers made these
micro-grants possible. 

We plan to give a second round of grants in April for Jazz Appreciation Month. 

But we need your help to raise at least $2,500 to match the rest of our foundation grant.  

Can you help us now?  Please go to 
and choose “COVID-19 Relief Fund for Musicians"
from the drop-down menu. All donations received through March 31st will be dedicated to these micro-grants.  

We at Jazz Bridge depend on you!

Together, we can continue to help Greater Philadelphia Area jazz and blues musicians in need. 
Thank you so much for your continued support!


Questions surrounding how any person or business gets a demolition permit for a building are rampant in the jazz community, especially when it concerns the John Coltrane House at 1511 North 33rd Street, or in this case, the house at 1509 North 33rd Street, which is attached to the historic home site. The owners of 1509 have applied for, but not yet received, a demolition permit. Read the full blog at the link below.


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