In our continued effort to keep our community updated on the status of our beach re-opening, the City would like to officially announce that, as planned, we intend to re-open our beaches on Monday, May 4 th. We have put together a Plan to reopen our beaches in compliance with social/physical distancing protocols mandated by the County Public Health Order. This Plan will allow the public to walk and exercise on the beach and in the water while maintaining physical separation and following other guidance to protect the health and safety of the public and City Staff. The collective goal is to comply with provisions of the County Public Health Order so that we can re-open the beaches and keep them open. The success of this Plan and the ability to keep the beach open will require the cooperation of everyone. We are all in this together.

Here is a brief overview of the guidelines and regulations for beach use/activity that will be put in place starting Monday, May 4 th. Please review this information and the information linked below carefully as it provides important, mandatory guidelines. This information will also be posted at all public beach access points.

  • No gatherings of any kind will be allowed on the beaches: no stopping, standing, sitting, or lying down. No chairs, blankets, umbrellas/sunshades, toys, coolers, or anything stationary will be allowed.
  • No games of sport will be allowed on the beach.
  • All beach access points will be open for specified access, including Fletcher Cove, Del Mar Shores stairs, Seascape stairs, and Tide Park stairs.
  • Fletcher Cove will be open for access to and from the beach. People must maintain 6 feet of physical separation at all times (except for people from the same household). Entrance to the beach will be allowed on the south side of the beach access ramp. Exiting from the beach will be allowed on the north side of the ramp.
  • Tide Park and Del Mar Shores Stairs will be open only for one-way exiting from the beach. In order to maintain required social/physical distancing protocols, a one-way exit only will be allowed at the Tide Park and Del Mar Shores stairs. These beach areas are impacted by high tides and must enable people to exit if isolated by rising tides. This measure is also intended to minimize public parking in these neighborhoods.
  • Seascape Stairs will be opened only for one-way entry to the beach. In order to maintain the required social/physical distancing protocols, one-way access to the beach only will be allowed at Seascape stairs.
  • Water activity (swimming, surfing, paddling, kayaking) will be allowed for experienced surfers, swimmers, and paddlers only within the Exercise Only Zone. The Exercise Only Zone will be the City’s entire coastline unless the Marine Safety Staff must close an area for public safety reasons. Additionally, there will be a swim zone set up daily at Fletcher Cove and, as needed, at Tide Park and Del Mar Shores.
  • Restrooms and showers will remain closed to limit to ensure social/physical distancing.
  • As required by the County Public Health Order, the Fletcher Cove beach parking lot will remain closed.
  • Fletcher Cove Park will remain closed but may be used for access to and from the beach.
  • The Sheriff’s Department will closely monitor and enforce compliance with County Public Health Order prohibiting gatherings, requiring face coverings, observing social/physical distancing, and obeying posted signs and directives.

Only with the public’s cooperation and compliance with these guidelines can the City ensure that the beaches may remain open. We ask that everyone please adhere to the guidelines so that everyone can enjoy this valuable recreational resource.

Public Safety Reminder
Finally, this is an appropriate time to remind everyone to please make sure you close your garages and lock your vehicles as we approach the summer. Most property crimes that occur are crimes of opportunity resulting from unlocked cars and open doors, so please make sure you are taking all precautions to prevent such crimes from happening to you.