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"My partner and I were walking on Main Street—Sarasota’s nice, old, small-town-style main drag where the art-deco facade of the long-shuttered S.H. Kress & Co. department store still stands—when we noticed a new cheese shop. I didn’t really see any point in going in, though; it seemed unlikely it would have any cheeses that could tempt two Parisians . “Come on. Let’s just have a look,” my partner implored me, so we stepped inside Artisan Cheese Company, as much because I needed an air-conditioned timeout on a hot day as anything else"...
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of Steve Martin Homes Group.

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Just this week I had a buyer lose the perfect home of his dreams because he wasn’t in a proper position to have his offer accepted.  His offer was solid and well written to be a very strong offer, but he didn’t have proof of funds. The other offer on the table had a pre- approval and was accepted.

GOLDEN TIP: Find a Lender that offers to...

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Katrina's Kitchen
The French Connection
It started with a trip to a local French restaurant - Café Longet
I noticed right away that there is a wine for everything you eat – and no one is in a hurry to finish. Which was good because the meal was amazing – 5 stars!  The atmosphere was bland in the décor department, but the food and the service definitely...

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